Looking for a place inside your house where you can relax after your mommy duties?  While being a mother and having children are a dream come true for most women, constant stress and pressure can make you feel burned out. To avoid this, the least you can do is to give yourself enough time to loosen up after your responsibilities, and one of the best solutions to that is having a mom den.

Whether you’re a mother of two or more cheerful children, and you feel like you haven’t slept for years, it’s understandable that you’d love to get away from it sometimes. One of the best options that you have is to make a mom cave—a private retreat in your house where you can enjoy things and destress from all the chaos a household can bring. Whether you choose an elegant space for crafts, reading, or relaxing, this den will be perfect for you. 

To help you visualize what a mom den looks like, you may check out resources like https://www.ronnathaninteriors.com/interior-design-services/mom-cave-design/. Aside from that, below are some important things that you ought to know about upgrading your cave into a mom den.

How To Do It?

When you start thinking about the design of your mom cave, you must consider the room’s layout first. Since you don’t want your cave to look like a typical beer and sportsman cave, you need to plan well its interior, how you’re going to decorate it, and the materials that you’ll use to push through with your idea. Aside from that, below are some things that you can do to make your mom den and achieve a beautiful outcome.  

  • Select A Room

When creating your mom cave, you must choose first which room or space you’re going to occupy in your house. But, you should know that there are areas in your house that aren’t ideal to be your den, and some of them are the kitchen and laundry room. Instead, you may choose a room that’s been vacated for a long time to ensure that you’re not going to select occupied ones. A small room in your basement or an extra guestroom would be ideal for this project.     

Here are some ideal areas in your home that you can choose from:

  • A large walk-in closet
  • An extra bedroom
  • An area in the backyard
  • A room in the attic
  • A small corner in your master’s bedroom
  • A small room under the stairs
  • Use Tables

To create balance in your mom’s den, you may use unique pieces of side tables. Aside from having a place to put your things on, using tables will allow you to showcase your personality and style in your room.

When choosing which table best suits your mom den, a cluster of two or more ottomans to place a tray or put your feet up makes for an ideal tabletop surface. 

You can also add a small dining table or a desk to use a functional surface for writing and making crafts. If you want to bond with your kids in this room, you may even allot a small space for some helpful programming toys for your children, for instance. Coupled with the right style of your room, these pieces of furniture won’t only provide convenience, but also make for additional curb appeal to your customized mom den.    

  • Put Accessories And Artworks

Have you ever walked into a barren room with not a single thing to give life to it?  That might happen to your mom cave if you won’t put, at least, simple accessories to brighten it up. 

Artworks and accessories are some of the most vital components to adorn an artistically designed space, but make sure they go well with the room’s theme. They must also complement the colors used in your room. Besides that, you may also create a collage of yourself and your loved ones to add a personal touch to the room. If you want, you can also put your favorite vacation pictures or a beautiful landscape on the walls. Also, you may add some fragrant candles and accent lighting to your room for a cozy ambiance


Being a mom is never easy. Aside from attending to your mommy duties, you also have to run the entire household. Consequently, these tasks can make you feel burned out of your responsibilities, but you don’t have to reach that point. As an ideal alternative for you, you may upgrade your usual den into a mom cave wherein you can relax and chill. Some of the things that you can do to pull this off include choosing an unoccupied room, using a table for your things, and putting accessories and artworks for curb appeal.

Through this mom cave, you’ll have a private retreat in your house where you can enjoy your spare time after your duties.