The humble tee is an incredibly versatile piece of clothing. However, most men usually don’t get the best out of it.

But you should! There are so many ways to style the t-shirt and achieve multiple great looks for various occasions.

Lunch date? Yes. Evening at the club? Of course. Casual work meeting? Absolutely!

There are a few things to know when choosing and styling a t-shirt, but once you do – the sky’s the limit!

Time and place

According to, the first rule of wearing a t-shirt is knowing where and when it’s appropriate to do so. The reality is, many functions you attend a call for the good old suit and tie, or at least a long-sleeved shirt with a collar. T-shirts are an option if and only if the event is casual.

The right fit

The most important thing to get right if you want to look great in a t-shirt is the proper fit.

Too loose, and you look like you’re wearing a bag. If it’s too tight, it’s uncomfortable and unflattering.

The right t-shirt fits closely without feeling like a wetsuit. Also, check if the shoulders are not too droopy or hiked up, the sleeves don’t cover more than half of your biceps or rip, the length doesn’t outline or reveal your stomach (or is way too long!).

The right style 

The main two necklines are a V-neck and a crew neck. If you’re a regular at the gym and want to emphasize your chest, choose a high-quality V neck t-shirt like the ones from Fresh Clean Tees. Click here to find out more about their collection:

If you’re on a thinner side – opt for a crew neck as it won’t overexpose your torso.

Forget about deep V cuts, boat necks, or scoop necks. It’s hard to pull them off, so it’s not worth the risk.

The right fabric

The cut and the shape won’t matter if the fabric is cheap and shapeless.

You want 100% cotton, bamboo, merino, Pima, jersey, linen blends, or stretch fabrics of the highest quality.

And remember, never buy a t-shirt with a really thin fabric. It’s see-through and looks plain bad.

Your best color

Depending on your complexion and liking, choose a color that works for you. Don’t buy something just because it’s trendy even though it washes you out or gives your skin a weird shine.

The safest and most versatile options are neutral, dark colors like black, navy, grey, and classic white.

And hey, leave graphics and weird stickers to your younger cousin.

Pair with a west 

Have you ever thought of wearing a t-shirt with a west? Probably not, though it’s a great combo that anyone can pull of, and it also gives you that Lenny Kravitz vibe. And a white t-shirt and a button-down suit vest is a real winner combination!

Pair with jeans and a blazer

Unless it’s a wedding, a combination of jeans and a casual blazer can become your uniform for any event (once those are back!).

Don’t be afraid to experiment with jeans style. T-shirts usually look good with any cut!

Pair with an overcoat

Do you know why many male celebrities look both expensive yet laid back most of the time? It’s this combo!

Pair your monochrome t-shirt with an overcoat, chinos, or black denim, add sunglasses and a watch, and you’re ready to go anyplace!

Pair with a double-breasted suit 

Yes, you can do it, and the key is getting the colors right.

This combination will work perfectly for casual business meetings, important Zoom calls, evenings at the social club with a drink in hand, or your first post-pandemic event! You will look classy and youthful.

Add a scarf 

Rain or shine, you can always elevate your simple t-shirt and jeans look with a colorful scarf. It will add that needed pop, and the opportunities are endless, from your grandma-knit to the vintage Burberry.

Pair with cargo pants suggests bringing back the cargo pants and pairing them with a classic shade, something neon or darker colors to create a simple yet stylish outfit easily.

Up for a challenge?

Pair with a denim jacket

A tee plus a denim jacket equals best summer memories. It’s casual yet still somehow put-together if you add white sneakers, chinos, black denim, or linen pants for warmer days.

This look is so good that you can sport it in winter too – just add an overcoat or a puffer jacket!

Article written by Milda Urbonaite