Nowadays technology is developing at a high pace and it gives a chance for companies to focus more on the design of their product. Gadgets are part of our everyday life and people face the advantages of artificial intelligence more often.

Updating your home with useful gadgets without ruining the design of your interior has proven to be hard in the past, just because the technology then was big and not stylish enough to fit in a modern home.

However, designers from all over the world were busy behind the pen, designing incredible technology solutions that are both stylish and very useful gadgets. Tech companies started to focus on beautifully designed products to separate themselves from the competition, The size compression on the hardware that goes along with the technology development lets designers boost their creativity.

In this article, we will go through some of the best innovative technology designs that can be around us in the near future.

Transparent TV

The TV market went through incredible changes in designs over the years, going from huge impractical boxes to curved displays. However, this transparent TV looks so futuristic and beautifully designed for any home that you might even feel you are Tom Cruise in ‘Minority Report’.

It is designed by Michael Friebe and he was able to create this marvelous piece of technology by combining LCD and TOLED display technology, which gives rich color reproduction and full contrast range from solid black to white. If you are a sports fan and into NFL wagering, imagine watching the SuperBowl with your friends around this beautiful TV!

Electrolux Fireplace

If you want to create the perfect ambient, you have to have a fireplace in your home. However, often this solution seems impractical especially for apartments and can be expensive.

With this piece of technology created by Camillo Vanacore you can bring your fireplace wherever you go. The design is beautiful and it can transform the ceramic to fully transparent one when is turned on. Unfortunately, this is just a concept and it seems that it is not yet on the market, but hopefully we can expect something similar soon.

Rotatable Wall

Often people want to change the colors of their walls in their home which can lead to more unnecessary expenses. In order to avoid painting the walls, now you can put rotatable triangles with different colors on the wall. So you can change the color whenever you want and never get bored with the same color. You can also create artistic designs combining different colors.

This idea was developed by Spanish company PKMN architectures and it might be something to be implemented more often by other similar home design studios in the future.

LED Ceiling

We used to put glowing stars on our ceiling when we were younger, but now with this piece of technology, you can paint the ceiling. It is created by Seo Dong-Hun and it covers your whole ceiling with small LED lights that can be triggered with special laser type light.

So, soon you can lay down and create incredible artworks until you fall asleep. Nonetheless, it is still a work in progress and we hope soon will be a reality.

Wat Lamp

This Lamp seems like it comes from the future, just because you have to fuel it with water in order to generate light. It is an amazing piece of design that uses a hydroelectric battery which when it is combined with water, generates an electrochemical reaction that lights up the lamp. It was designed by Manon Le Blanc, but the French designer has not put it for sale yet.

1Limit Faucet

This water faucet is designed to help you lower your water expenses and also prevent you from wasting unnecessary water. The faucet lets you know how much you consume and it is limited to 1 liter which is plenty enough for your needs.

It also looks amazing and it is eco-friendly for water usage. Created by Yanko Design, this is also still an idea, which looks very interesting, specially in a time where water seems to be more and more a valuable asset.

Combi Monitor

Saving desk space is one of the things that everyone tries to accomplish. All the gadgets like monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, and scanner can use a lot of space and make your desk unorganized. However, what if you can combine all those things into one?

Byeong Min Choe, also from Yanko Design, has come up with a marvelous piece of design that combines a printer, monitor and scanner. It is a very handy device and it will make your office look more organized. It seems like it is a tough build to pull off just because the printer uses a lot of space for all the colors, lasers and everything, but it will be amazing if this becomes reality.

These are some of the best technology designs that will definitely update your home and some of them can even boost your creativity. Since technology updates really fast, we are going to see more groundbreaking and beautifully designed gadgets that are built in order to support our everyday needs. It is always a good thing when big tech companies let the designers go crazy with the product and it often ends up in extraordinary creation.