13 JULY 2006

We Love Technology presents the latest adventures in the creative misuse of emerging technology led by pioneering researchers, technologists and artists.

WLT offers a brilliant daytime programme of speakers and workshops at the University of Huddersfield , followed by dinner and an evening Ultrasound event at The Media Centre.

Through its programme of presentation, debate and play WLT explores how technologies enable and enhance creative engagement. WLT is an event designed to connect people working in the arts, culture and technology sectors.

Book your place now and discover what is possible when technology is embraced, souped up and subverted.

WLT speakers and contributor:

Regine Debatty : editor of

Matt Locke : head of innovation for BBC New Media and Technology

Troika: product design using creative technologies

Matt Web : designer, programmer, commentator

Slub: live code audio mixers