07-09 - SEPTEMBER 2006


Videominuto is an international exhibition of videos not longer than one minute in duration (titles included), organized by a pool of structures coordinated by Controradio , The Luigi Pecci Center for Contemporary Arts and Gruppo di Ricerca Arti Visive , with support of the Cultural affairs Commissioners for the Province and of the Township of Prato. Starting point for the festival is the desire to enquire into how brevity of format, as the only binding condition imposed upon the author(s), influences video-work in terms of impact, stylistical choices and content. Videominuto offers 60″ to the author(s), open to all types of subject matter, clearly favouring synthesis as expressive form, free and open to themes ranging from social document(ary) to newsitem, from videoart to electronics, from trash to splatter to the purely experimental.


Time is running short, especially on video. On our screens, the unstoppable visual wave accompanying us becomes ever more rapid and sweeping. One has got to be quick, to the point, effective. 60″ can do. To say things, expose ideas, hypothesize viewpoints, to understands facts… International video production is progressively becoming more kaleidoscopic: accepting the blandishments of TV, experimenting linguistic contaminations, mingling with ever more radical and available technologies. Videominuto too, undergoes evident and necessary mutations, in order to render the chaotic and multifaceted fragmentariety that our daily aesthetic horizon has become.

A sort of Tv, real and visionary, decidedly pop, made by curious and sharp operators, ready to catch the passing feeling and process video-postcards, notes and sketches for forthcoming documentaries, aphorisms, philosophical notations, short cuts, documents in pills, deviant ads, narrative hypothesis… All in 1 minute.


Videominuto-Pop Tv proposes a winning format, halfway between the advertising short and the music videoclip; a totally modern format (1 production x 1000 products), ideally multiplatform; perfect for web videostreaming (excellent also on the low bandwidth), easily finds its place amidst the programming of TV channels, digital-satellite and/or otherwise. More than anything else, the videominute is a “sexy” format, a trendsetter due to its ease in production (both in economical and technical terms), its “grassroots” accessibility level, allowing everyone to produce their own mini-movie.

It has been just this “friendly” approach to spark the birth of a true “community” of passionate videomakers, convincing authors, keenly curious and well-researched documentarists and reporters, totally comfortable within a format favouring the incisiveness of content. Here, the possibility and the appropriateness of synthesis allow for the birth and the development of new visual trends, new ways of telling stories by images and absolutely actual aesthetics: all of the above instantaneously and on preview. Videominuto therefore represents one of the few festivals that, although characterised by an high profile (in form and content) has managed to secure a really POPular partecipation: both on the side of the producers and on that of the audience coming to watch the current state of affairs in terms of the hottest socio-political themes, most seducing aesthetics, most interesting scenarios.