12 - 15 JUNE 2008


When theatre, dance, performance and opera don’t happen live on stage but are told in their own artistic autonomy by videos, films, photos and new technologies, that’s when Riccione TTV – performing arts on screen – takes place. At its 19 th edition , TTV is happening in Riccione from the 12 th to the 19 th of June 2008 , spreading images all over the city thanks to screens located in different places: a seaside summer camp, some hotels rooms, a primary school, some spaces inside Villa Lodi Fè, Villa Franceschi and the Tourism Estate.

During four days , TTV is opening its doors to the most of the international stage arts, in front of artists, critics and intellectuals. For the 2008 edition, Fabio Bruschi – Riccione Teatro’s director – entrusts Andrea Nanni with the artistic direction. He creates a journey throughout the arts with an eye to the new tendencies and their evolutions.

Belgium is the key-word for the dance selection. Cradle of the dancing arts, melting pot of international choreographs, Belgium appears to be the country in which dancers move to find support to their own creations. That’s the case of American Meg Stuart , introducing at Riccione TTV her video-installation “Sand Table”, defined as a “video made of sand” in which the actions of two dancers interact with the images screened on a table full of sand. In “I thought I’d never say this”, Meg Stuart’s company – the Damaged Goods – collaborates with the historical English company Forced Entertainment, headed by playwright Tim Etchells.

On the wave of the same Flemish nauvelle vague, TTV hosts videos directed and choreographed by Alain Platel and Wim Vandekeybus , whereas the Festival proposes Antonin De Bemels and Karen Vanderborght amongst the contemporary most interesting video-makers. De Bemels, born in 1775, investigates the relations between body and movement by a language which mixes dance, video-art and electronic music; Vanderborght, born in 1973, is one of the latest most appreciated artist across international festivals, galleries and art-centres.

From Belgium to France for a fresh tribute to the art of photographer Édouard Levé , whose memory is remembered at TTV, few times after his death, by a one-man exhibition of big-size photos belonging to the 2006 cycle “Fictions” and exposed in Riccione at Villa Franceschi. Levé has been recognised as one of the maximum European representative of the so-called staged photography , which particular kind of photography which fixes in images, completely created in a studio, real theatre sets, actions purposely played by performers and directed by the photographer. “Fictions” is probably the most radical series Levé has ever realized.

Nico Vascellari , talented artist for what concerns performing actions, is also taking part in TTV visual-art section.

Two interesting retrospectives are dedicated to the dramatic art . A company which made the history of the new Italian scene since the 80s is the protagonist of the first retrospective: Teatro della Valdoca is introducing in Riccione a photo-exhibition edited by Guido Guidi and various video-projections directed by Cesare Ronconi , from the once shot during the first years of the company up to the latest creation “Paesaggio con fratello rotto”, expression of the theatrical trilogy of the years 2004 and 2005.

The second retrospective, between video and photography, i dedicated to a company with more than thirty years of experience: the French Théâtre du Radeau which, thanks to its artist and poet François Tanguy , creates highly imaginative plays in which the craziest dreams and the most intensive sensations mix to create extreme fascinating events, able to lead the audience into an unexpected sensorial experience.

The theatre section involves also a creative collaboration between the television programme Rai2 Palcoscenico and TTV, introducing the preview of the TV version of two plays still in distribution: “UBU BUUR” by Teatro delle Albe and “Cani di bancata” by Emma Dante . Again inside the theatre section, TTV hosts two unique video-works: Spectrography III by Carloni e Franceschetti , born from the play B.#03 Berlin from the Tragedia Endogonidia cycle by Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio with music played by American composer Scott Gibbons , curiously projected on the blackboard of a primary school, and Videodialoghi by Zapruder Filmmakersgroup and Silvia Bottiroli , a journey made of black and white video interviews, purposely created for TTV and set in five hotel rooms, whose protagonists are the five winners of the Tondelli prize by Riccione Teatro: Mimmo Borelli, Davide Enia, Stefano Massini, Fausto Paravidino, Letizia Russo . Motus are introducing the video-projection of “Run”, created during the realization of the play “X (ics) racconti crudeli della giovinezza”.

The youngest Italian artistic scene is represented by two videos by Pathosformel , distinguished during the 2008 Premio Scenario, which introduce “Volta”, a video purposely realized for TTV with animation techniques and related to the homonymous play which investigates the disappearance of the body through the absolute black, and “La timidezza delle ossa” where, on the other side, the bodies of the performers emerge from a white surface, carving the surrounding space. The Academy Award winner film “Pierino e il lupo” is being presented in the music-section, as well as the Polish “The lost town of Switez”, shot in a 3D technique, in preview at 2008 TTV in its TV version, next to the lyrical videos directed by Lepage, Chereau, Sellars, Marthaler and other great international directors.

TV means also prizes and competitions: during the festival the “Premio Riccione per la Televisione ” is going to be delivered to Daniele Luttazzi for his TV show Decameron. A jury is also going to select the winners of the 10 th Concorso Italia , intended for Italian authors who present unpublished video-works connected to the performatory arts. The competition is including this year for the first time the New Talent section, intended for young people from 18 to 35 years old.