7 -9 NOVEMBER 2005

A workshop about the artistic possibilities of the RFID technology. Triggered by RFID CrashCourse is designed as a Think-and-do Tank which explores RFID from an artist’s/ designer’s point of view.

Large logistical companies see RFID as the ultimate application for streamlining stock management and transportation. Activists expect RFID to strike a final blow to the notion of privacy. Philosophers see an “Internet of Things” looming at the horizon, wherein each object has a physical as well as a virtual identity. Taken together these ideas challenge our concepts of relations between humans and objects.

RFID is the barcode of the future, equipping individual objects with IP addresses. Metadata for physical objects will make an internet of things possible.

After a succesfull RFID workshop in July,  Mediamatic introduces the ideas and technology behind RFID for the second time in November. It seizes initiative to adopt RFID for artistic and social purposes and is designed for artists, designers and researchers, who want to look beyond the logistical horizon of this emerging technology.

In 3 days, theoretical views are combined with practical experiments. You will learn all about the technical components with an RFID set of tags, readers, and database in your hands. There is enough space to develop your own ideas and discuss them with like-minded fellows and professionals.