08 MARCH - 22 APRIL 2006

The purpose of the show is to Demo the very best of Neen Creations (art/architecture/fashion/design/music/writing/style) from 2000 to the present and introduce the concept of Neen in Italy. For the occasion of the show, the first book about Neen will be published by Charta Editions, in English and Italian.

The space of the exhibition is created by Andreas Angelidakis and it is a development of his NeenWorld scenario. In Neen World, Angelidakis designed a Neen Village where every place represents either aesthetics or ideas of the different Neenstars. There you had a new architecture that was similar in a way to Fashion:  people could have their building “made” in the same way that you could have a suit made for you from a Fashion designer. However it was all for the computer screen, which you could visit online using an avatar body and was part of the Active Worlds Universe.

Now, Angelidakis is bringing all of that one step further, “animating” some of those spaces for the real place of the gallery. While other architects use computers and the Internet as a tool, Angelidakis sees them as a place and then in the real World brings back the memories of that place in the form of regular architecture. At SuperNeen in Milan, his NeenWorld will host projections of different Neen Websites (Websites are for Neenstars their most beloved artworks) and it will also function as a meeting place for peopleinvolved with Neen and the larger public. During the show, which will stay open for 2 months, Neenstars are invited to use the space as their office or to use it for concerts, performances etc. .


Architect: Andreas Angelidakis, Visual Artists: Carbonated Jazz, John White C, Deconcept, Gabriele Di Matteo, Joel Fox, Benjamin Loya, Miltos Manetas, Rob Montgomery, Angelo Plessas, Rafael Rozendaal, Steven Schkolne, Nikolas Tosic, Mai Ueda, Priscilla Vaccari , Art Curator: Neena Vagic, Writers: Vito Campanelli, Lev Manovich, Internet Reporter: Marco Cadioli, Music composers: Mark Tranmer (GNAC) and Aki Tsuyuko Magazines: Boiler Magazine (Massimo Torregiani and Ivanmaria Vele) and, Fashion Designers: David David, Gaspard Yurkevich, Paolo di Landro, Bernard Wilhelm.