Visualcontainer is glad to present a special videoart selection from Streaming Festival, international audio visual art and film event (Netherlands).

The Streaming Festival is an international audio visual art and film event. This event takes place on the internet, where films are broadcasted full screen on streaming servers with high image quality. The Streaming Festival takes place once a year.

The Streaming Festival focuses on artistic and innovative audio visual art and film. Selecting works from emerging artists and professionals alike. Not only is this quality of selected works important, but also the way the festival presents these works. With the support from xs4all the festival can ensure a high quality broadcast through their streaming servers.

The Streaming Festival is organized by the isfth foundation. Isfth is a non-profit foundation that provides support for projects that encourage the understanding of audiovisual art. The foundation is based in The Hague, The Netherlands.

The Kitchen Conqueror – Shereen Abdul-Baki
Reem wanders the aisles of her neighbourhood market, slipping into dreams of fortune-telling teacups and chicken slaughtering aunts who offer advice on love, cultural identity and independence.
Release date : 25 April 2006
Duration : 00:08:00

Near the car – Elton Eerkens
A man is standing near his car. A lifetime of waiting captured for a few moments.
Release date : 2008
Duration : 00:14:04

Vier Berliner blicke – Rick Niebe
Vier berliner blicke (four berliner views) is a video suite of four 1 minute long works. Each video is a sequence of still images of Berlin from three webcams and a satellitar map, downloaded from the web and processed in Italy.
Release date : 25 April 2006
Duration : 00:04:00

Herrie – Jasper Scheepbouwer

Neighbours don’t always get along.
Release date : 1996
Duration : 00:12:00

Study on human form and humanity #01 – Lemeh 42
the act of writing a dream is the clear manifestation of the uncertainty in which the human being lives his/her own existence and therefore his/her humanity.
Release date : 20-04-2008
Duration : 00:02:00

Symptom – David Matos

A dream and a train. An inconsistent movement and an undefined pattern. Symptom represents an obsession through physical space (thus visible and – perhaps – diagnosable). The video was inspired by “s” theme, from ocp
Release date : 16-06-2008
Duration : 00:04:12

Collage – Igor Lesic
A short editing excerise.
Release date : 12 May 2006
Duration : 00:05:00

Book – Marta Daeuble
This stop motion animation unravels the mysteries of the written page when the book is brought to life, only to reveal the ever lasting search for love and self identity.
Release date : 2003
Duration : 00:02:00

Two and a Half Years – Olga Koroleva
A personal document of Olga Koroleva’s close friends’ experiences over a period of two and a half years in Russia in her absence.
Release date : 08-05-2007
Duration : 00:08:28

Queenspark, West 33rd, LG – Jesse Bellon
The videos explore the nature of contemporary western society, juxtaposing the sights and experiences of the everyday within a single plane.
Release date : 10 April 2006
Duration : 00:03:23

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