23 - 25 JULY 2009

Sound and Music Computing Conference is a privileged forum in Europe for the promotion of international exchanges around Sound and Music Computing topics. SMC 2009 will feature papers, posters, music works, tutorials and special sessions.

Sound and Music Computing is an interdisciplinary field that approaches the whole sound and music communication chain from a multidisciplinary point of view. By combining scientific, technological and artistic methodologies it
aims at understanding, modeling and generating sound and music through computational approaches.

Its core academic subjects relate to musicology, physics (acoustics), engineering (including computer science, signal processing and electronics), psychology (including psychoacoustics, experimental psychology and neurosciences) and music composition.

Topics will include:

. Automatic music generation/accompaniment systems
. Computer environments for sound/music processing/composition
. Networked music generation
. Physical modeling for sound generation
. Sound/music signal processing algorithms
. Digital Audio Effects
. Musical sound source separation and recognition
. Automatic music transcription
. Music information retrieval
. Musical pattern recognition/modeling
. Music and robotics
. Computational musicology
. Sonic interaction design
. 3D sound/music
. Data sonification
. Visualization of sound/music data
. Interfaces for music creation and fruition
. Interactive performance systems
. Musical performance modeling
. Gesture controlled audio systems
. Sound/music perception and cognition
. Sound/music and Neuroscience
. Music and emotions
. Multimodality in sound and music computing
. Web 2.0 and music
. Mobile music
. Technologies for the preservation, access and modelling of musical heritage

All accepted papers and posters will be published in the conference Proceedings, which will account for an ISBN. Furthermore, a special issue of the Computer Music Journal will be devoted to articles based on selected items from the conference. Not only will the best conference papers be considered for publication in extended form in the Journal, but also posters, tutorials, and reports of special sessions.


Note on Special Sessions:

SMC 2009 will feature special sessions on “hot” topics relevant to Sound and Music Computing research, where a special focus will be put on interaction between participants and the audience (members of the scientific and music communities, and the general public at large).

There are, for now, 2 special sessions, on “Sonic Interaction Design” and “Music Visualization”


Note on Tutorials:

The day prior to the conference (22 July 2009) will consist of tutorials, focusing on a single topic presented either at an introductory level or in depth, lasting about 3 hours (including a break). You are welcome to propose tutorial along the guidelines detailed on