Sketch-a-Move from Superflux on Vimeo.

Sketch-a-Move is a 5 weeks project that designer Louise Victoria Klinker did with Anab Jain. The brief was set by Mattel Hotwheels to come up with a new concept for their small toycars. Draw a straight line on top of the car, lift the pen and the car shoots off in a straight line. Draw a circle on the car and the car starts wildly spinning around. Draw a complicated squiggle and the car spirals in and out.

Sketch-a-Move allows you to explore the unique relationships between small surface doodles and actual physical movements. It creates a new engaging space for play amongst children of a wide age group and is appealing to boys as well as girls, and even adults!

Hotwheels, Mattel set this project as part of the university workshops – inviting four schools to participate in a design competition. Sketch a move was selected and was presented it at the Hotwheels headquarters in California in july during their Expo.