29-30 JANUARY 2007

CTM’s second floor will turn into SHARE.MOBILE BERLIN – a giant collective audio-visual jam, set up by activists from SHARE and open for all comers. Bring your own gear and plug in.

The idea of SHARE has been developed in New York in 2001 by Barry Manalog, Rich Panciera, Geoff Matters, and Daniel Smith. Today, SHARE is a worldwide community that opens up new spaces for audio/visual performance. At a multitude of local meeting points from New York to Australia to Sweden, SHARE members provide a venue in their communities to welcome walk-in performers, offering an open-mixer system for video and audio that allows participants patch their equipment into the multi-channel system, allowing everyone to  contribute. Would-be participants are encouraged to bring any portable equipment they like to pug-in for open jams, not only laptops, but drum machines and grooveboxes, keyboards, gameboys, guitar pedals, cassette decks, circuits, microphones, projectors, lightboxes, LEDs etc. Sessions are open to any and all, and everyone is encouraged to share ideas and give feedback, creating an open and constructive atmosphere: a sound workshop where people can trade, talk and listen. SHARE reflects a new sociology of performance by creating a participant-centred event.

The two day SHARE.MOBILE during CTM.07 brings together SHARE-Activists from various locations around the globe: Elsa Vieira, Daniel Vatsky, Eric Redlinger, Daniel Smith, Anton Marini and Keiko Uenishi from SHARE NYC; Marie-Hélène Parant from SHARE Montréal, Chris Noelle from SHARE Berlin (currently in its founding process), Péter Szabó and Alexandra Szeleznyeva from the SHARE group in Budapest, Chris Schuerholz from SHARE in Wiesbaden and others.

Wireless-LAN for file-exchange and communication is provided. Volunteering community members – so called SHARE-heads – take care of the technical infrastructure and will assist you setting up your gear.