23-25 AUGUST 2007

Robots at Play 2007 – Denmark’s second international robot festival – offers a wide range of activities: robot art performed by international artists, robots made from scrap, robot movies and many other amazing interactive experiences.

Robots at Play is an annual festival, the aim of which is to promote the interest of robotics within the fields of education, research and business. The competence network, RoboCluster, represented by Professor Henrik Hautop Lund opens Robots at Play that this year is entitled “Play, learning and creativity”, and the festival guests will find lots of exciting events within the area of Playware – play, learning and physical training by means of robotics.

Robots do not only belong to the future. They belong to the present as well, and the robot festival Robots at Play will display some of the many ways in which they have already become part of our daily life. Industrial robots make windows and cars. Toy robots make children enjoy moving around. Robot mowers cut lawns and robot vacuum cleaners clean carpets.
However, visitors may also get an idea of how robots will influence our future.


Robots in action. In the bazaar you can watch industrial robots at work. You can play games with a robot opponent. You can jump on robots and perhaps dance with one.

Many national and international artists use robotics in their works of art. At the festival you can see robots in installations, robots in performances and robots in music. You can also participate in the creation of a robotic work of art.

A cavalcade of international films show robots in the leading parts.

Using LEGO Mindstorms, children can create their own robots. A group of children have three days to construct robots that will eventually race each other. Come and watch the final battle.

Robot scientists and robot developers from all over the world have submitted proposals for the nomination of ”Best robot of the year”.


Three school classes construct robots from iron and metal scrap. Teacher-assisted, the children will make the robots come alive and later make them compete in a dancing contest.

Scientists from all over the world will meet and discuss the scope of future robotics.