11-13 SEPTEMBER 2006

RFID is the barcode of the future equipping individual objects with IP addresses. Metadata for physical objects will make an internet of things possible. The real world and the internet come together in an Internet of Things. 

In this 3 day workshop, participants will develop creative concepts and/ or prototypes for an Internet of Things in a hands-on way. Ideas can range from scripts for small new rituals to outlines of societal changes of epic scale. Prototypes can be tested with workshop tools.

We have invited a number of people to look at RFID and the Internet of Things from multiple angles:


Julian Bleecker is researcher at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg Center for Communication and an Assistant Professor in the Interactive Media Division. His work focuses on emerging technology design, research and development, implementation, concept innovation, particularly in the areas of pervasive media, mobile media, social networks and entertainment. One of his main research topics is The Internet of Things. In his lecture he’ll speak about the internet of things and the current role of ‘ blogjects’ in the hybrid fusion of the real world and the internet.


Timo Arnall focuses on practices around RFID in urban space, and continously keeps an eye out for potential interactions with objects and city spaces through mobile devices. His former research on flyposting and stickering in public space sought design strategies for combining physical marking and digital spatial annotation. He will fall into the practice of applying metadata to physical objects, for instance through RFID, and showcase his research in application of Nokia’s RFID enable phone.


Arie Altena is literature scientist, publisher and teacher. He writes about new media, art and culture. He teaches at the Frank Mohr Instituut Interactive Media and Environments, CMD Breda and other art academies. Internet and personal publishing are themes he addresses in his lectures and trainings. In his lecture Arie will speak about social tagging and the usability of dataclouds in the context of RFID-tagged places and things.


Rob van Kranenburg is senior lecturer Ambient Experience Design (HKU, KMT) and program manager at the Virtueel Platform. He is a longtime critical follower of the developments around ubiqitous computing and RFID. He will explain the basic set-up of RFID, discuss the ways in which old and new stakeholders deal with the most important issues, and deduct a prediction about ‘where it’s going’.