The Musee Guimet presents Perpetuel Paradoxe, the first ever exhibition of Rashid Rana in Paris, to be seen until November 15, 2010. Born in Lahore in 1968, Rashid Rana is known to be Pakistan’s leading contemporary visual artist thanks to his photography and digital imagery, and also works in sculpture.

Over twenty puzzling works will be integrated amongst the museum’s permanent collection, creating an occasion to confront contemporary art with age-old Asian artworks, questioning tradition and its ‘illusions of permanence’.

This audacious display marks the Musee Guimet’s first steps towards exhibiting contemporary art. Mr Jacques Giès, President of the Musee Guimet; explains: ‘The Musee Guimet is much more than a warehouse for treasures. Given the growing importance of Asia in our globalized world nowadays, it is time to reconsider our museum presentation.’

Having originally studied as a painter, Rashid Rana has reached public recognition in Pakistan and abroad, in numerous countries in the Middle-East and in Europe. For about ten years, he has been exploring new media, and especially digital imagery. His approach to photography is the same as that of making a painting: the constructing of a final image from the conglomeration of many smaller details (that function as would pixels in a digital image).

The finished works carry a tension that is born from the clash between the view of the whole and that of its accumulated parts, and yet by juxtaposing the ‘seen’ and the ‘unseen’ in this way, Rana’s work underlines the antagonisms between cultures and points a finger at those that create the ‘rules’ that become the traditions of tomorrow.

‘In these uncertain times we have lost the privilege of having a vision of the world without questioning.Today, each image, each idea, each reality carries at the same time its contradiction’, explains Rashid Rana.

Jacques Gies, President Musee Guimet
Caroline Arhuero, Project Manager for Contemporary Art and Head of the Exhibition Department and Museology

Guest curators:
A§E Arianne Levene and Eglantine de Ganay