26 - 28 SEPTMEBER 2012

Amsterdam – STEIM (Studio for electro-instrumental music) organizes the Patterns + Pleasure Festival on 26, 27 and 28 September in Frascati Amsterdam.

For 42 years STEIM has helped local and international artists to build their own dream instruments. The Patterns + Pleasure Festival will feature some of the newest and most adventurous approaches in today’s live electronic music. Every artist brings their own unique rendition of musical styles and genres Рfrom Industrial Drone to Instrumental Hip-Hop and Tuvan singing to Boogie-Woogie-Noise.

The music program includes first time Netherlands appearances by acclaimed Bio-feedback Tuvan singer Fuyuki Yamakawa, a collaboration project by composer Takuma Watanabe and noise pioneer Hair Stylistics – both groups coming from Japan, and beat wizard Edison from the U.S.

Other exquisite acts such as Dutch live-sampling-pilot toktek, Jessica Rylan, Moldover, Author & Punisher from the U.S., voice virtuoso Alex Nowitz from Germany, a world premier of composer Tom Johnson‘s new piece for Gandini Juggling group from England, and many more will be presented throughout the program.

The symposium program includes internationally renowned artists, writers and researchers from different fields. Steina Vasulka, David Toop, Hans Boutellier, Jamie Allen, Joel Ryan, Peter Kirn and others will discuss the future of new music, improvisation and the influence of modern technology in music. During the Handmade Music session, students and local artists will present their uniquely odd and one-and-only handmade instruments.

There will also be several workshops, lunch concerts and discussions throughout the festival.