23 - 24 JUNE 2006

The Pandemic Night will take place in the Mediateca di Santa Teresa on saturday 24 June 2006, during the Notte Bianca of Milan; the event will focus on electronic sound + live media projects. Those who love the experimental sounds of the international electronic scene shall not miss this appointment. Pandemic night will offer an eclectic selection of both European and Italian experiences.

Common track will be the beat electro in its various interpretations: the French duo Hypo and EDH with their visionary electro-pop; Goodiepal, the Danish artist who was at the last edition of Sonar, who plays sci-fi marchs; Minimono who proposes a minimal live set where deep sounds and melodic ideas bring to a minimal and elegant result, perfect for the dancefloor.

The audio component will extend to live performances which will combine sounds and creative dimension: in the Light Waves project, by Alterazioni Video collective, several photovoltaic panels will be connected to a mixer and to sound filters: as a result of this, the lights frequencies will be translated into sounds, in a strong-impact scenography. In Riccardo Benassi’s work, live sounds meet visuals which leave us a poetic impression through industrial landscapes.

This dreamy journey is told in such an elegant way that it will thrill the public. Special project will be DNA Music Installation, a fascinating work by Peter Gena, Professor in Art and Technology Studies and Sound all’Art Insitute of Chicago. Different series of Dna are converted and mixed by Gena himself, who translates them into digital sounds. The effect is a spectacular installation on the borderline between technology and musical research.

The section devoted to video art will present projections in gigantic scale by artists who more willingly use video for their creative expression, there will be short experimental cartoons as much as proper art videos. This part of Pandemic will take place in the apse of the former baroque church of Santi Giuseppe and Teresa, now Mediateca di Santa Teresa, the new multimedia pole of the Biblioteca Braidense of Milan.