Bashir Makhoul & Aissa Deebi
Support the only Palestinian exhibition at the upcoming Venice Biennale. June 2013
Curated by Bruce Ferguson and Rawan Sharaf

Otherwise Occupied is the only exhibition dedicated exclusively to Palestinian art at the upcoming 55th Venice Biennale, opening May 29th, 2013. As an “unofficial” exhibition in an event otherwise organized along national pavilions, it is an opportunity to showcase Palestinian art at this prestigious and highly visible venue for global art attended by an anticipated number of over 370,000 visitors. The exhibition is seeking to raise remaining funds necessary to complete the production of an art piece, The Trial, totaling $15,000.

All funds raised through will go directly to cover expenses such as the camera crew, sound man, video editor, etc. The project could not be done without your support. Your donation — large or small — will help the exhibition bring this project to life.

The Trial, by Aissa Deebi
A two-channel installation, HD/DVD 15-minute loop, accompanied by 24 drawings.

This two-channel installation consists of a re-enactment in English of a speech by Daoud Turki, at the Haifa court house in 1973. Where he was a defendant in a military trial. Turki, a Palestinian-Arab citizen of Israel, had been arrested by the Israeli military with four other members of the “Red Front” and charged with espionage and collaboration with the enemy. In his speech, Turki tried to advance an idea against the paranoid Zionist fantasy of conflict toward the larger idea of a socialist class struggle, proclaiming solidarity with “…all workers, peasants and those persecuted in Israeli society.” The brilliance of his rhetoric and the fullness of his reasoned arguments, in which he criticizes Zionism for pitting Jews against Arabs, is caught as an address almost from Franz Kafka’s The Trial, echo throughout as the tone of an idealist caught in the jaws of the heinous militaristic state.