15 - 24 SEPTEMBER 2005

NFF 05 Ecologies explores the complex interconnections in our inhabited world. With a focus on the ecologies of technology and beyond; we examine past, present and future models and ways of seeing, hearing and feeling our environment. 

  This year’s festival recognizes the wisdom that nature provides in terms of the technological world around us, and how these interpretations play out within arts, activism and culture. The physical environment, the embodiment of technologies that we create, and environmental issues all play a part in this larger discourse.

  These include issues of sustainability, inter-relationships, variety, complexity,
balance, organism, spirit, non-linear approaches to space and time, and non-linear relationships.

Systems and ecologies are expansive and all around us, and impact everything from the programming we use in the virtual world, to our sacred environments. As technology interconnects with our themes of ‘Ecology’ and ‘Environment’, we ask where will this interconnection lead us? This year’s festival will look at this question in a multitude of ways, bridging different interpretations on these themes into one greater ecological perspective.

The selected sub-themes for each section of this year’s festival will be drawn from:

– Media ecologies
– Acoustic ecology
– Eco Systems: Negotiating Natural, Cultural and Technological Systems in a Post-traditional Ecology
– Visual ecology
– Systems
– Cybernetics
– Complexity/chaos
– Natural Elements to Performance
– The Natural Environment
– Cultural ecologies
– Network ecologies
– Politics of nature
– Interacting with live instrumentation.
– Home and inhabited world
– Location and dislocation.

The Festival is comprised of five sections:  low art, Film, Exhibition, Performance and Conference.