25 NOVEMBER 2006

Neurotica is a research project that examines the anxieties of contemporary society, generated by the rapid advances made in science and technology, and looks at the way individuals and the community is coping with these innovations and their offshoots.

The project has been designed and initiated by Capsula, an investigation group based in Barcelona, Spain, launched by Mónica Bello Bugallo and Ulla Taipale that generates cultural products exploring the interrelations between arts, science and nature.

The first phase of Neurótica is exploring society’s perception of biotechnology and the hopes and fears associated with it. During the event Californian based artist and inventor Natalie Jeremijenko will present her views on these issues, followed by the interventions and comments of Dr. Alfonso Valencia, a biologist and head of The Spanish National Center of Biotechnology and Dr. Fabio Tropea, sociologist and language analyst.

The conference is part of NOW – Meetings in the present continuous –a project that reflects on the present on the basis of the scientific, technological, artistic, social and spiritual transformations taking place at the start of the 21st century. It aims to bring together local and international agents promoting a change of paradigm in current society.