30 MAY - 3 JUNE 2007

From this coming May 30th to June 3rd, Mutek has the distinguished pleasure of kick-starting the Montreal festival season with the rhythmic undercurrents of electronic music and mutations in digital creativity. More than one hundred artists will converge upon the city from four corners of the world to stimulate and astonish audiences with their artistic talents and aesthetic inspiration.

Five days of adventure and discovery, numerous headliners rubbing shoulders with emerging artists, more than 80 indoor and outdoor performances, 28 of which are Canadian or North American premieres: the program for this new MUTEK mould was carefully elaborated, orchestrated as always by the desire to present the festival as an enriching and unforgettable experience. MUTEK 2007 will take place in 5 venues in downtown Montreal: Ex-Centris, the Society for Arts and Technology (SAT), the Metropolis, the Hotel Godin, and Parc Jean-Drapeau. 


Detailed Program:

A/Visions Series

A/Visions 1 – 30 may 2007, 8 pm
Randy Jones presents: Six Axioms/Clinker presents: Provody/Boris & Brecht Debackere present: Rotor/Semiconductor (Fat Cat) present: Brilliant Noise & Where has the Future Gone?

A/Visions 2 – 31 may2007, 8 pm
Colleen (The Leaf Label)/Mark Templeton (Anticipate) & aAron munson/Hausckha (Karaoke Kalk) vs Semiconductor (Fat Cat)

A/Visions 3 – 1 june 2007, 8 pm
Jamie Drouin & Yann Novak (Dragon’s Eye Recordings, Infrequency) present Auditorium/Robert Henke (imbalance computer music) presents: Layering Buddha
Nocturnes Series

Nocturne 1
– 30 may 2007, 10 pm presented in collaboration with SID LEE
(Active Suspension)/Pero and The Electric Machine (Complot)/Gangpol & Mit (wwilko)/Candie Hank (sonig)

Nocturne 2 – 31 may 2007, 10 pm
Montreal Dub Lounge Soundsystem/Rhythm & Sound 45 Session feat. Paul St. Hilaire (Burial Mix)/Shackleton (Skull Disco)/Kode9 feat. the Spaceape

Nocturne 3 – 1 june 2007, 9 pm
Detalles (Traum / Kupei Musika)/Kalabrese (Stattmusik | Perlon)/Matthew Dear’s Big Hands (Ghostly Intl.)/The Mole (Wagon Repair, Musique Risquée)/Cobblestone Jazz (Wagon Repair/itiswhatitis)

Savoy: i8u (nvo, bake/staalplaat, oral)/o.blaat (crónica)/Sawako (12k, Anticipate)/Bubblyfish (Retinascan)/Glomag (8 Bit Peoples, Astralwerks)/Decrepticon (decreptitude)/CHiKA/Mec

Nocturne 4 – 2 june 2007, 9 pm presented by Nokia & Rogers
Pantha Du Prince (Dial Rec)/Jichael Mackson (Musique Risquée, Phictiv, Liebe*Detail)/Matias Aguayo & Marcus ‘Roccness’ Rossknecht are Broke (Kompakt)/Gui Boratto (Kompakt)/Michael Mayer (Kompakt)

Savoy: Ambivalent (Minus)/Miskate (Foundsound Records, Microcosm Music, Alphahouse)/Lee Curtiss (Alphahouse, Dumb Unit, Spectral Sound, Kalimari, Archipel)/Pheek (Archipel)/Someone Else (Foundsound Records, Microcosm Music, Alphahouse)

Mutek Series/ piknic électronik

Mutek / piknic 1 – june 2007, 2nd – 1 pm to 7 pm
Claude VonStroke – DJ Set (Dirtybird)/Chic Miniature (Musique Risquée, Raum Musik)/My My (Playhouse)/Audion – DJ Set (Spectral Sound)

Mutek / piknic 2 – 3 june 2007, 1 pm to 11 pm
Beatport stage: Jesse Somfay (Achipel)/Digitaline (Cadenza)/Heartthrob (Minus)/Sutekh (Context, Soul Jazz, Leaf)/Wighnomy Brothers (Freude Am Tanzen, Musik Krause)

Café électronika 30 may – 1 june 2007
Presented in collaboration with Radio-Canada’s Bande à Part, this special project offers three days’ worth of live performances from many of Canada’s best and brightest producers. Over thirty producers from all across the country, including artists such as Loscil, Secret Mommy, NAW, Deadbeat, Aidan Baker and Ensemble, converge and collaborate via web broadcasts for three eight-hour stretches. Drop by the Hotel Godin for a peaceful afternoon or check out all the action, via podcast, on

Digi_Section– Attività Professionali
30 may – 1 june 2007
Presented by Moog Audio and returning with a new title this year, the professional segment offers an invigorating and incisive panel and workshop series, dedicated to issues pertaining to electronic music and digital creativity, and organized jointly with partners incuding : Roland, Ableton, M-Audio, Digidesign and Modul8. A platform for discussion that has grown more successful with each passing year, Digi_Section is an appointment not to be missed by the various craftsmen of the medium.