Being Scanner e Claudio friends from many years and being shared many artistic projects, I asked the last days Robin to send us a memory of their mutual friendship. I know it was not easy, so I really, really thank him for this…

Claudio Sinatti was one of those fine friends who you see less frequently but every time we met it was as if we’d seen each other just yesterday. I have been trying to remember how we ever even met but have no recollection at all of this mysterious moment!

We first worked together for a typically ambitious performance at Fabbrica Europa in Stazione Leopolda, Firenze with the newly formed Symbiosis Orchestra in 2007, a collection of musicians who shared creative sympathies but who had only largely met digitally, with Andrea Gabriele on electronics and Stefano Tedesco on percussion. I remember arriving at that huge industrial space and all the musicians setting up very efficiently and then marvelling as Claudio arrived with a team of helpers, who then proceeded to battle away the entire day erecting a huge series of white screens around the space, debating, arguing, negotiating this gigantic structure into the stage area. It was a both a relief and rewarding to finally see everything in place by show time!

Over the years our paths crossed many times. When I was running a Sound Design workshop at the IED Milan Design School for a few terms, I would see him smoking away with the students in the courtyard, chatting with the staff in the offices or sitting in the café opposite catching up with folks.

Unfortunately we failed many times to work together again, but not without trying – invitations for projects in Salerno, Firenze, video mapping projects in Milan and so on all fell on conflicting dates or funding couldn’t be raised but we did play one final extraordinary show with his Live Video Ensemble in Milan in 2010. Taking place at the O’Associazione No Profit space, the show was an amazing organic experience with a series of artists who had been working together during the day and I still remember what joy Claudio and I shared in this performance, something I can still watch back today and feel so proud of (

I will never forget his voice, his especially British accent when he spoke English to me and how one thing always connected us – our birthdays. We discovered some years ago that we shared the same birthday, 26 May, and every year would always send messages across to each other on this mutually appreciated joyful day. It will mean of course that for every remaining birthday of my own life span I’ll be thinking of Claudio.

I never heard anyone speak badly of Claudio and his desire to create something beautiful, monumental with visual media will stand as a testament to his creative mind and heart. I will miss him.