LABoral Centro de Arte - Gijón
14 / 11 / 2015 – 8 / 05 / 2016

In our present time which is so essentially dominated by technology in which science has taken over the leading role in culture and in many cases replaced religion, the growing attention for the collaboration or even more synthesis of art and science seems to be just logical and to many it appears to be the avant-garde of our time.

But of course art and science have always had a very close relationship and many would say that in the beginning they were not separated at all and they still originate in the same human desires. Humans will always make art and always do science and this is probably one of the most defining characteristics of our species.

It will always remain an open question if innovations in science as well as in art are a driving force for or rather a result of cultural and societal transformations but it is clear that they always go hand in hand. And in times of crisis, in times of many open questions and few answers the attention grows for new sources of inspiration for new coalitions and new paradigms.

Materia prima 2

And this is especially true for the times we are living in right now in which the challenges are bigger than the expertise of each single group of experts. Art and science have always been very close to each other but now the important point is how can we benefit from the very special field of energy that emerges from this relationship.

Materia Prima is not just an exhibition, at least not an ordinary exhibition, it is an experiment on its own, an attempt to create access, to cut some trails into the wide spread territory of the overlapping areas of art and science. But most of all it aims for a new level of involvement and participation of the visitors.

Materia Prima presents outstanding work at the nexus of art and science but it is also a showcase for the notoriously curious and as such the whole exhibition space serves as an inspiring laboratory environment which in a literal way has a set of visitor labs as its central core.

Materia prima 4

Materia prima 5

This hybrid form of presentation is a clear commitment to the didactic and inspirational potential of art and science and an expression of our wholehearted believe in the impact that art and science can unfold beyond their own territories and in the power and creative energy which can be derived from the collaboration of art and science.