Dipartimento di Progettazione e Pianificazione in Ambienti Complessi

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The first edition of the Postgraduate Masters Degree in Interactive Arts at the Architecture University of Venice will start  in December 2013.

The masters program proposes to provide students holding degrees in the arts, theatre and architecture with the digital and technological tools for working project designs and the realization of multimedia and interactive environments for different settings: arts installations, museum and theatre set-ups, stage-sets and performance events. Architecture studios, just as those of artists and theatres, are all multi-disciplinary operations requiring professional figures with ample and up-to-date preparation in using the most advanced technologies. Software and its practical application along with a knowledge of digital technologies, as taught through a “learning by doing” method, have the purpose of developing a set of tools that can be used in different fields of the arts.

Klaus Obermaier, Frieder Weiss, Urban Screen  are some of the teachers involved in the courses and labs.



The Master is structured in several teaching modules. 3d Modeling, Interactivity and programming are some of the topics to approach, along with the related softwares: Max/Msp/Jitter (Audio and Video Interaction), 3ds Studio Max (3d Modeling and Animation), grasshopper (Parametric Modeling), Arduino (Hardware Interactivity).

At the end of the lessons students must attend an internship period in Italy or abroad, in order to enhance students’ knowledge and understanding of the digital tools used by architects, artists, directors and choreographers.

Students holding full degrees in Architecture, Engineering, and Design or specialized four-year program degrees in the Arts, Music or Theatre can apply to the Masters program.