[ Audiovisual live based on sinusoidal waves ] from Sonom on Vimeo.


Sonom, experimental group based in Barcelona, ha published a 35 minuts Dvd called Liquid Geometry, in limited prints:100 copies: video&audio in high quality format specially mastered at Audiovisions. Released 24 april 2010 at Moves festival in Liverpool.

The dvd includes material from an immersive audiovisual performance based on audio resonance, evolving sound and the projection of bird’s eye vectorial images´ projection over -70˚C CO2 sublimation. Rupture of the classical conception of audiovisual space trough a sonic immersion, not only heard by the ear, but also throughout the body.

During the performance, the audience’s spatio-temporal perception is modified by the creation of a fluid event, where the sight of almost holographic images plays in sync with sound and music. Pure sine waves, harmonic sounds, analogyc frequencies and vectorial projections are unified in a concert where the performers lead time through the perception of the waves’ architecture.

Sonom’s objective was born from the research and exploration of light and sound as universal communication media as base for integration of other paradigms. The band’s works study in depth relations between waves and human perception. The group developes sound and video projects, multimedia installations and audiovisual concerts. Sonom’s creative position includes hybrid practices, recycled materials & technologies, self-made instruments and digital & analog devices.

Experimentation funded on the physics and mathematics of music, that through the amplification of the emotions pretends to indulge the human perception and extend it’s mind towards the Harmony and the Chaos.