The National Art Center - Tokyo
13 - 24 / 02 / 2013

The 16th Japan Media Arts Festival Executive Committee has selected the Award winners for the Japan Media Arts Festival, who will receive prizes from the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

The Japan Media Arts Festival honors works of excellence in a diverse range of media—from animation and manga to games and media art. The festival is a comprehensive Media Arts (Media Geijutsu) event, providing an opportunity to appreciate outstanding works from all these categories. This year, a record number of 3,503 works had been submitted for the festival, including 1,502 works from 71 countries and regions around the world. More applications had been submitted for this, the 16th festival, than in any year since its inception in 1997.

Through an exhaustive, impartial and objective screening process, winners of one Grand Prize, four Excellence Awards and three New Face Awards have been chosen in each of the 4 divisions (Art, Entertainment, Animation and Manga).

In addition, four individuals have been selected to receive Special Achievement Awards in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the Media Arts field. At the Awards Ceremony on 12th February 2013, Award winners will be presented with Certificates and Trophies. The Exhibition of Award-winning Works is to be held over 12 days from 13th to 24th February, 2013, at both the National Art Center, Tokyo (our main venue) and at other locations. During this period, not only will there be the exhibition and screening of Award-winning works but also a number of related presentations and symposia led by the winning creators. Please take this exciting and rare opportunity to visit and experience an exceptional concentration of fascinating media arts works!

Art Division:
Pendulum Choir
Cod.Act (Michel Décosterd / André Décosterd) [Switzerland]

Entertainment Division:
Perfume “Global Site Project”
Manabe Daito / Mikiko / Nakata Yasutaka / Horii Satoshi / Kimura Hiroyasu [Japan]

Animation Division:
Otomo Katsuhiro [Japan]

Manga Division:
Les Cités Obscures (Cities of the Fantastic)
Benoit Peeters / Francois Schuiten /Translation: Furunaga Shin-ichi / Hara Masato [France / Belgium /Japan]