16 - 23 APRIL 2009

The 2nd Annual IMC (Interactive Multimedia Culture) Expo will be held at Chelsea Art Museum from April 14 – 23. The first event of its kind in New York City , the IMC Expo is a hybrid technology tradeshow, art exhibition, and educational symposium focused on the niche of immersive new media with applications in the arts, entertainment, and retail. The IMC Expo brings together pioneering executives and entrepreneurs with the next generation of artists, engineers, programmers and designers.

The IMC Expo is produced by the new media design firm Studio IMC (, in association with the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts , and other partner organizations.

Among the IMC Expo Keynote Panel and Educational Symposium participants are Michael Naimark , member of the original design team for the MIT Media Lab , founding member of the Atari Research Lab , the Apple Multimedia Lab , and Lucasfilm Interactive (now LucasArts ); Paul D Miller, aka DJ Spooky, musician, artist, and author of the book, “Rhythm Science”, published by The MIT Press ; Hank Shocklee , producer of Public Enemy and other hip hop musicians ; Natalie Jeremijenko, UCSD new media professor who was recently named in the I.D. Magazine Forty as one of Design’s most influential people; W. Bradford Paley, whose deployed and working information visualizations span the New York Stock Exchange, Structualist literary research, the Whitney’s ARTPORT, and the Museum of Modern Art; Clay Shirky , NYU ITP Professor and social software expert; Luke DuBois , ITP Professor and co-programmer of Jitter live image processing software; Matthew Suttor , multimedia Professor and composer at Yale ; and Kathleen Ruiz , esteemed artist and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Professor.

Among those exhibiting are ITP, RPI, Livid Instruments, and Virtools as well as artists Jean-Marc Gauthier , ITP Professor and author of upcoming book on interactive 3D worlds; James Clar , winner of Design Distinction award in I.D. Magazine’s Annual Design Review; and Kathleen Ruiz, RPI professor and artist.

About IMC Expo:

The IMC Expo showcases cutting-edge immersive technologies with exceptional creative and commercial promise. Its mission is to foster a growing network of diverse and forward-thinking artists, engineers, designers, scientists and institutions with the common goal of promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation. The exhibition will include interactive displays, immersive environments, sound installations, virtual worlds, gesture interfaces, responsive lighting, wearable technologies, architectural media, ubiquitous media, social software, wireless applications, networked objects, computer music, and other emergent media. Among the exhibitors and presenters are NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, Yale University, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. All exhibiting booths will be interactive, and attendees will be able to test the technologies, such as collaboratively controlling animated 3D characters; navigating virtual sound-spaces while composing music; and applying advanced digital effects to augmented reality environments. More information can be found at .

About Studio IMC:

Studio IMC (Interactive Multimedia Culture) is a new media design firm and artist management agency founded by its current President, James A. Tunick with partners Tony Rizzaro and Brian Karwosky. The firm specializes in developing custom immersive environments, responsive displays, gesture interfaces, and other interactive tools. Studio IMC’s technologies are used in a wide range of fields including the arts, entertainment, retail, education, fashion, marketing, and architecture. Tunick and other Studio IMC executives and designers have worked on projects with Yale University, The Museum of Modern Art PS1, MTV, Diesel, French Connection UK, and many other institutions, companies, and individuals. Studio IMC also represents an international team of cutting-edge designers, engineers, and artists. Our growing network of innovators provides comprehensive “turn-key” solutions for our clients. See our designers’ galleries on the Featured Page at .

About NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP):

The official partner of the 2nd Annual Studio IMC Expo is the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. ITP is a pioneering graduate department in the study and design of new media, computational media and embedded computing under the umbrella of interactivity. An oversized Greenwich Village loft houses the computer labs, rotating exhibitions, and production workshops that are ITP — the Interactive Telecommunications Program. Founded in 1979 as the first graduate education program in alternative media, ITP has grown into a living community of technologists, theorists, engineers, designers, and artists uniquely dedicated to pushing the boundaries of interactivity in the real and digital worlds. A hands-on approach to experimentation, production and risk-taking make this hi-tech fun house a creative home not only to its 230 students, but also to an extended network of the technology industry’s most daring and prolific practitioners. ITP is internationally recognized as a unique and vital contributor of new ideas and talented individuals to the professional world of multimedia and interactivity. The department takes a creative and professional approach to the challenges of the information age. More information can be found at .

About the Project Room at Chelsea Art Museum:

The Project Room is the special projects and education division of the Chelsea Art Museum, produced and curated by Nina Colosi, that brings together international emerging and established artists, curators, technology experts, and cultural and corporate organizations. Programs include monthly exhibitions & art talks; performing arts; weekly Introductions: Meet-the-artist; educational workshops; the New Art Lab where artists come together to create new works. The Project Room is an incubator of new ideas, showcasing process and groundbreaking concepts in all art mediums, and the intersection of the arts through technology. Reflex and Juilliard Electric Ensemble are resident ensembles. More information can be found at .