e-Art will be in the main Italian bookstores from 5 November 2006. Presentations will be organized in several cities of Italy including Rome, Turin, Milan, Bologna, Genoa, Naples, Salerno, Siena, Venice, etc.

e-Art approaches on several topics from various viewpoints, such as:
remote arts, electronic art, transgenic art, mobile media, networking, superbroad band, telecommunications, tele-presence, biogenetics, robotics, virtual reality, electronic, nanotechnology, augmented reality, digital media, music, synesthesia, neuroscience, multisensory processes, research, digital technology, communication, human-networking interfaces, cultural heritage, interactivity, democracy, ecology, human rights, philosophy, politics, knowledge, information, sociology and economy.

e-Art also investigates the primacy of intangibility in many new art forms, in new artistic languages and the different paths toward creativity, interactivity, e-democracy, ecology, information, and post-realistic experiences.  In this book Art, creativity and the net assume cohesive roles as vital elements and interdisciplinary realities inherent to Art and our society, emphasizing ART as a proactive tool and a behavioral new media rather than ART as a scholastic -winner-tech subject.

e-Art brings together forty eclectic authors of diverse provenance and specialties: theoreticians, writers, artists, students, journalists, producers, poets, gurus and visionaries who operate in the scientific, electronic, artistic, cultural, ecological, industrial, social and political ambit like:

Mauro Annunziato [Italy] | Kapil Arora [India] | Annette Barbier [USA] | Massimo Bertoncini [Italy] | Mary Ann Breeze [Australia] | Maxine Brown [USA] | Drew Browning [USA] | Pier Luigi Capucci [Italy] |, Tomas DeFanti [USA] | Sara Diamond [Canada] Steve Dietz [USA] | Manuel Gallardo [Venezuela] | Petra Gemeinboeck [Austria] | Eduardo Kac  [Brazil] |  Jaron Lanier [USA] | Jason Leigh [USA] | Golan Levin [USA] | Brenda Lopez [Mexico] | Bernhard Losch [Italy] | Ya Lu Lin [China] | Roger Malina [USA] |  Paul Marino [USA] | Rigoberta Mench, premio Nobel per la pace [Guatemala] | Marcello Napoli [Italy] | Francesco Saverio Nucci [Italy] | Blanca Helena Pantin [Venezuela] | Howard Rheingold [USA] | Alfredo Ronchi [Italy] | Alejandro Sacristan  [Spain] |  Daniel Sandin [USA] | Paul Sermon [UK] | Stelarc [Australia] | Robert Stone [UK] | Nadia Thalman [Switzerland] | Rosa Truijllo [Venezuela] | Yesi Maharaj Singh [Venezuela] | Unesco  | Manuel Vias Limonchi [Spain] | Daniela Voto !  [Italy] |  Stephen Wilson  [USA]. ù