03 - 26 JULY 2008

5 days off MEDIA presents:
optofonica: Crosswire – in search of the synesthetic effect

Exhibition: 3 – 26 July
Works by: Aernoudt Jacobs, Sagi Groner, Kaffe Matthews, Telcosystems, TeZ & Janis Pönisch

Opening: 2 July 6:30 pm
During opening:
7:30 pm performance Avatar Metaverse Orchestra
8:30 pm Aernoudt Jacobs

More information opening:

The Netherlands Media Art Institute presents in collaboration with 5 days off MEDIA the exhibition and performance series Crosswire. Crosswire comprises sound installations and audiovisual environments enabling immersive and spatial sonic experiences through bodily and multi-sensory perception. Whilst the various works offer different points of access to experience sound, they all unfold their architectural or sculptural quality in the gallery. As a result, compositions become perceptible as holistic phenomena. Crosswire is curated by Maurizio Martinucci (aka TeZ) on the basis of the Optofonica platform which is devoted to the presentation of the current state of art in synesthetic media and sound spatialization.

More information about crosswire:

Performances and screening Crosswire

The Avatar Orchestra Metaverse (AOM) performance on the opening night feature virtual instruments designed specifically for each composition created for the Orchestra within the Second Life platform and are played by artists from all around the world making live music together. AOM’s concert includes the beautiful and powerful THE HEART OF TONES (mixed reality version) by iconic composer Pauline Oliveros (aka Free Noyes), and the mesmerizing composition FRAGULA by sound artist Björn Eriksson (aka Miulew Takahe).

The performances from Sagi Groner, Aernoudt Jacobs, Telcosystems and Francisco Lopez take place within the installations so access is limited.


2 July
7:30 pm: Avatar Metaverse Orchestra
8:30 pm: Aernoudt Jacobs

3 July
7:30 pm: Sagi Groner

4 July
7:30 pm: Telcosystems

5 July
8:30 pm: Optofonica screening

6 July
7:30 pm: Aernoudt Jacobs
8:30 pm: Francisco Lopez