06 - 08 JUNE 2008

Come Out & Play returns to New York City from 6th until 8th of June . The Come Out & Play Festival seeks to provide a forum for new types of public games and play. It wants to bring together a public eager to rediscover the world around them through play with designers interested in producing innovative new games and experiences.

The festival offers a chance to explore new styles of games and play . They have featured games from the creators of I love bees , PacManhattan , The Go Game , Conqwest , Big Urban Game , Hide & Seek and more.

Come Out & Play organizers like innovative use of public space. They like games which make people interact in new ways. They like games that alter your perception of your surroundings. But most importantly, they think games are great way to have fun.

In 2006 the Come Out & Play Festival turned New York City into a playground for a weekend, then did the same for the city of Amsterdam in 2007. Hundreds of players gathered to play dozens different games across each city. In June 2008, the city of New York will have the chance to come out and play again across the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Come Out & Play features innovative work in the emerging world of street games, big games and pervasive games.

The excellent bookstore Blue Stockings will play host to the festival and serve as headquarters. The festival will spread across the Lower East Side of Manhattan, bringing the streets to life. Games will take place in locations around New York , but will be centered around Blue Stockings and the Lower East Side .



•  Bike Friendly City

•  The Comfort of Strangers

•  Competitive Picnicking

•  Fort Amsterdam

•  Human Blackjack

•  Humatar

•  The Invention of Murder

•  The Lost Sport of Olympia

•  Manhattan Megaputt

•  Metrophile

•  The Ministry of Silence

•  Mission IN

•  Pigeon Piñata Pummel

•  Priced Out

•  Ravenchase Adventures

•  Re:Activism NYC

•  Search Brigade

•  Size Game

•  Snap Shot City

•  Speed Director

•  Super Happy Fun City Bingo

•  Turf

•  Urban Bingo

•  Wiffle Hurling MV