21 FEBBRAIO 2006

lecture and live sonic performance

Building Transmissions (Nico Dockx, Kris Delacourt, and Peter Verwimp) is a multi-media collective that creates improvisational sonic architectures, live experimental sound performances and audiovisual installations.

In their work they reflect upon the different social possibilities of production and circulation of radical ideas in relation to text, image and sound.

Recent shows and performances include “BUILDINghostRANSMISSIONS,” Cubitt,
London; Utopia Station at the 50th Venice Biennial; live performance in collaboration with the White Circle Crime Club and Rirkrit Tiravanija, Neugerriemschneider Galerie, Berlin; Vis-A-Vis Art Space, Xiamen, China; and
H Gallery / METbar, Bangkok