Antonio Caronia, Mass Culture Theorist, great man of culture, politics and activism has passed away this morning in Milan after a long deseas.

Antonio Caronia studied mathematics, logic and linguistics at the University of Genova. In the Seventies he was a political activist and leader in the left-wing groups. After 1977 he turned to the study of mass culture and communication theory, especially of the relationship between science, technology and imagination.

He researched in philosophy and anthropology, in regard to science fiction, comics, digital images, virtual reality and telematic networks. He teaches in the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera (Milano), and he is Director of Studies of M-Node, linked to the Planetary Collegium directed by Roy Ascott in Plymouth (UK).

Besides many essays published in anthologies and reviews, he wrote “Il cyborg. Saggio sull’uomo artificiale” (The Cyborg. Essay about the Artificial Man, 1985 – 2008), “Il corpo virtuale” (The Virtual Body, 1996), “Houdini e Faust. Breve storia del cyberpunk” (Houdini and Faust. A Short History of Cyberpunk, 1997, with D. Gallo), “Philip K. Dick: La macchina della paranoia” (Philip K. Dick: The Paranoia Machine, 2006, with D. Gallo), “L’arte nell’era della producibilità digitale” (Art in the Eve of Digital Producibility, 2006, with E. Livraghi and S. Pezzano), “Universi quasi paralleli” (Almost Parallel Worlds, 2009).

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Goodbye Antonio and Thank You