Villa e Collezione Panza, Varese
16 / 03 / 2013 - 29 / 12 / 2013

From March 16th to December 29th 2013 Villa e Collezione Panza will host “An Education”: a series of exhibitions and workshops for students and anyone concerned with contemporary art aimed at investigating the interaction between moving images and the science of education.

The initiative, promoted by FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano, stems primarily from the didactic-educational need to attract young people to the museum and stimulate their interest in contemporary art, with an emphasis on new technologies and the new media which has always been one of the main guidelines behind Giuseppe Panza’s choices in the creation of his Collection. The videos by the artists Valerio Rocco Orlando, Angela Marzullo, Aberdabei (Mia Fryland and Flemming Lyngse), Hektor Mamet and Ettore Favini, Diego Tonus, Adelita Husni-Bey address issues and aspects related to the transmission of knowledge in general.

Each video uses a different approach and poetics to transform the theoretical principles of learning into experiences in the field envisaging a pluralistic but common world, thus reinventing the models of learning through artistic practice and creating real and democratic opportunities for cultural growth. As of March 2013, and on a monthly basis, six videos on the topics of education will be individually presented in the ‘Salone Impero’ of Villa e Collezione Panza. Each video will be introduced by the artist who, in the morning, will hold a workshop with students while, in the afternoon, will meet the public during a talk with the Director of Villa Panza Anna Bernardini, the curator Maria Rosa Sossai and one of two guest speakers, Mauro Gervasini or Andrea Bellavita.

The video will be available for viewing for a month in the chapel on the first floor of the Villa specially set up as a project room. There will be guided tours for students of schools, academies and universities of the surrounding area and of the Lombardy region. The series of exhibitions and workshops is curated by Alagroup, a platform for contemporary art and education founded by Maria Rosa Sossai.


March 16th – April 24th 2013
Valerio Rocco Orlando (Milan, 1978), ¿Qué Educación para Marte?, 2012.
The video, the second instalment of a series that analyses different international educational systems, was produced in collaboration with the students of ISA, the National School of Art in Cuba, on the occasion of the XI Bienal de La Habana. Premiere.

April 27th – May 23rd 2013
Angela Marzullo (Geneva, 1971), Concettina, 2010.
The video was produced during the residency program at the Swiss Institute in Rome and proposes a female viewpoint and a distinctive new reading of Pasolini’s pedagogical treatise Gennariello.

25th May – 23rd June 2013
Aberdabei (Mia Fryland, Elsinore, 1963 and Flemming Lyngse, Copenhagen, 1962), Unfinished Symphonies, work in progress.
The video offers a model of musical education that enthuses young people without creating competitiveness, focusing instead on the pleasure and joy of playing.

September 21st – October 24th 2013
Hektor Mamet (Zurich, 1980) and Ettore Favini (Cremona, 1974),
Nella terra di mezzo, 2013. The video concludes the workshop A Certain Idea of Border, started in October 2012 and ending in May 2013 involving a group of students from an art college in Lugano, led by Hektor Mamet, and a group of students from the vocational school IAL Lombardia, Cremona, led by Ettore Favini. The workshop is curated by Maria Rosa Sossai – Alagroup, with the artists Hektor Mamet and Ettore Favini. Premiere.

October 26th – November 28th 2013
Diego Tonus
(Pordenone, 1984), Residenti, 2011. In Residenti video footage from courses held between 2005 and 2010 at Fondazione Spinola Banna per l’Arte, Poirino (Turin), is reworked, identifying the repetitions found amongst the words, the silences and the actions of the various participants. The film focuses on the experience of the artist residency and what characterises it, analysing and deconstructing the creative processes that are implemented. Produced by Fondazione Spinola Banna.

November 30th – December 29th 2013
Adelita Husni-Bey
(Milano, 1985), Postcards from the Desert Island, 2010-11.
The video records the experience of a group of children from the École Vitruve, the elementary school founded in Paris in 1962 open to unconventional teaching methods. For three weeks the children, a mixed group of an age between seven and ten years, live on a desert island built by themselves in the hall of the school addressing issues such as self-management, the law, the absence of institutions, and co-operation.