9-17 NOVEMBRE 2007


amber’07 body-process arts festival will take place from 9-17 November, 2007. As the only new technologies and arts festival in Turkey, amber’07 will be an international event exhibiting the works of 30 artists.

The festival’s featuring of workshops, performances based on real-time interaction and an exhibition of installations that invite the visitor to become a participant sets it apart from the arts events that they saw until now.

The performances and installations are examples of the new artistic language that uses digital technologies as a vehicle of expression. All of the featured works make real-time use of digital technologies.

amber’07 is organized by “amber body-process arts association”, a new arts collective that promotes the participatory and innovative use of technology and that aims to build a new and open East-West network in Istanbul. amber aims to introduce creative uses of technology into everyday life by changing the young generation’s perception of technology and art.

One of the participating artists Antunez Roca tells us stories of the new world with the mechatronic external skeletons that he designed. His performance, which he himself manages real time on the stage, changes the viewer into a participant and offers us a new light and sound experience. Following his dancer’s performance, Christian Ziegler invites the viewers onto the stage , which he turned into a forest of light.

Tanja Perisic’s installation turns the exhibition hall into the side streets of the city where new experiences await. Eda Kaban visualizes the Istanbul traffic, which we suffer everyday by the real time use of wool.



MoVi Lab : Johannes Birringer

Wiring : Hernando Barragan

Oyun, Beden ve Bellek : Nancy Mario Flute


Transpermia : antunez Roca

Protomembrana : antunez Roca

Digital Memories – Feedback Fred : Benoit Maubrey


Pufi : Jakob Leben & Robertina Sebjanic

Place of Living : Tanja Perisic

SARaskop : Martin Hesselmeier & Karin Lingnau

Mess : Eda Kaban

Zaman Alg¦s¦ : Ays¸egül Dalg¦ç

Delicate Boundaries : Christine Sugrue

Equalizer : Bernadeta Levule

TAFKAV : Francesco Monico

e-Motion : Mariela Nestora & Kostas Moshos

The Box : Nika Oblak & Primoz Novak

Tribute to Buddha : Ekmel Ertan


Mledan Dolar

Johannes Birringer

Dügšüm Küme


Bernadeta Levule, Martin Hesselmeier & Karin Lingnau (Germany), Daisy Bolter (France), Johannes Birringer (U.K.), Nika Oblak & Primoz Novak, Jakob Leben & Robertina Sebjanic, Mledan Dolar (Slovenia), Tanja Perisic (Crotia), Nancy Mauro-Flute (Holland), antunez Roca (Spain), Eda Kaban, Ays¸egül Dalg¦ç, Ekmel Ertan, Burckaan Gürgün, I²smail Kasarc¦, Etkin Çiftçi, At¦l Kust, Dügšüm Küme (Turkey), Christine Sugrue (USA), Mariela Nestora & Kostas Moshos (Greece), Francesco Monico (I²taly), Benoit Maubrey (Germany), Hernando Barragan (Colombia)