You probably spend as much time in your work environment as you do at home, and while we spend considerable time, effort, and energy on making our homes as comfortable and personalized as possible, rarely do we address the office space. Often, this is because we consider that because we are there to work, the surroundings are irrelevant, but that is simply not the case. Your environment can affect mood and productivity, and by giving your office space an overhaul, you could be changing the work rate and work happiness of those around you. Office space changes needn’t be expensive, and it’s possible that your entire business management could soon be transformed with these easy transformation tips.


This isn’t simply a matter of having a tidy-up on occasion. Taking the time to have a good look around your office space and assessing in detail those parts of the office that are non-functional, needless, or simply in the way, can make a difference to your working day. By reducing clutter, you also help to increase productivity, as staff are less likely to waste time looking for paperwork or the tools that they need to continue working. The idea of a spring-clean is a useful one, in that de-cluttering the office of non-essential items can help to refocus and energize those who use the space.

Light up

Having the right lighting in your workspace can be a game-changer. Architectural Lighting has become more popular in recent years due to its ability to optimize and accentuate desirable elements of your work environment. From feature lighting that can function as a piece of art, to accent lighting that can accentuate the smaller details, lighting is functional and can help with your branding too. Finding the right architectural lighting solutions is a good place to start when it comes to giving your office a makeover. The right lighting is essential when it comes to health and safety, as well as that all-important element of productivity in your staff. The right lighting is proven to increase worker satisfaction and increase productivity, so as well as the benefits of an up to date lighting solution, you also optimize the work rate of your staff.

Go Green

Plastic cups and loose paper are messy, and also counterproductive when it comes to business. Not only do these items look untidy, but they are also costing you money that could be better spent elsewhere for a more significant return on your investment. One of the reasons that so many businesses are opting to go paperless is not simply because of the huge cost savings, but also because it allows you to streamline your office management, increasing reaction time and the processes that staff often struggle with when everything is written down. Encourage staff to bring in their own coffee mugs and train everyone on the correct use of document sharing platforms, and you could find that not only does your office space look better, but your bottom line does too