Presented also at Dutch Institute for Media Art di Amsterdam, the next 14th of September an online environment for sound art and concentrated listening will be launghedon the Internet. Similar to a real museum, the sound art collection of is carefully assembled by the curators and editorial staff, according to their visions.

Born from the mind and enthusiasm of two dutch professionists , Nathalie Bruys and Katja van Stiphout, musician and visual artist the first, graphic designer the second, the project already collected artists like James Beckett, Cilia Erens, Anne La Berge , Tomoko Mukaiyama, Telco Systems, Kim Hiorthy, Radboud Mens, Edwin van der Heide, Sasker Scheerder, Dorit Crysler, Planningtorock, Marc Bijl , to begin only.

The two directors explain the project with clear and right words: con, vogliamo creare un luogo dove il pubblico possa ascolta opere sonore assolutamente uniche in uno spazio virtuale tranquillo, libero da rumori e interruzioni. Un luogo accessibili a tutti da qualsiasi parte del mondo, dove la gente possa ascoltare lavori originali e dove il suono possa emergere al di sopra dell’ambiente visivo che lo circonda.


Speaking with the editorial staff, you should know that the museum constists of a gallery, a depot and a listening room. One enters through the gallery, the depot forms the core of the museum.

Visitors will enter inside the gallery to follow the exhibitions organized time by time. The deposit will be the museum beating heart, after a long archiving job according to the different caegories (electronic, acoustic, experimental, noise, sampling, vocal, solo and live) labelling system.

The gallery will be considered as the “physical” space of the museum: visitors will enter inside the space through a “display room”, and will deeply access inside the museum. Side to the “display room”, they will explore the deposit but also a library, a shop, an office and a listening room, in which eveyone will compile his own playlist and will share it with those of the other visitors.


The works in the museum and the depot are not ‘applicable’, but authentic works that are to be exhibited as such. The sound pieces can therefore not be downloaded. In the listening room however one can comply a play list, and listen to play lists of other visitors

Every month, will present a new exhibition compiled by the museum and guest curators. The exhibited sounds originate from the art world, from underground, from all corners of the earth. They can consist of field recordings or compositions, can last seconds or hours, and can range in character from cinematic sound to silence. “Attention” and “precision” are essential concepts in all of this. Each exhibition will be accompanied by an editorial written by the curator and/or the featured audio artist.


Even if the museum is lacking in historial archive about sound art and in theorical texts of the last decades, was born with all credentials to be a real “sound museum” on the Net. Challenging conventions and preconceptions about difficulty on managing online museums, Soundmuseum could have his strenght inside his own nature: to be organized as a real museum, a virtual “physical” gallery.