There will be a meeting on Rimini ‘s hills on Saturday 23th of September at 7 p.m. for the opening of Velvet Factory, a space for sounds, images, performing arts, multimedia. The day will be a non-stop of performances, events, projections with the participation of the “genius loci” of Rimini ‘s territory (graphic designers, architects, musicians, filmakers and videomakers, writers and many more).

I t will be an occasion for showing different aspects of the contemporary art of the South of Romagna. The Velvet Club has extended itself creating the Velvet Factory: a creation lab, a place of residences in a space of 2500 mq on Rimini ‘s hills a few kilometres away from the sea. A space for sounds, images, performing arts, multimedia. From sound to cinema (with a particular attention to documentaries, animation and live cinema), through performing arts (dance, music, theatre), visual arts, graphics, architecture, word, radio and philosophy. For a pratcise of the creative town and the cultural district, mixed media and project, dramaturgy, languages of contemporaneous art and of electronics. Time Based Arts: arts based on time.

Velvet’s structure becomes a multitasking space allowing a daily work opened both to well-known artists and talented new artists. A unique place in Italy connecting Velvet’s history and its public to the most innovative artistic researches and to club culture. Velvet Factory is held by Roberto Paci Dalò, Thomas Balsamini and Lucia Chiavari in collaboration with Mario Lupano , Leonardo Montecchi and with the advice of the economist Pier Luigi Sacco , one of the most important international experts on the “creative city” and on cultural district design.


Velvet Factory is a hospitality place created by a network of artistic, scientific and educational structures of Rimini : Associazione Slego, Giardini Pensili (performing arts / art / music / cinema), L’Arte dell’Ascolto (label), Scuola J. Bleger (school of prevention) and University of Bologna – polo di Rimini (Degree in Systems and communication of fashion) . These realities costitute the operative core of the project: to these step aside – on a national and international scale- artists, indipendent artists, educational centres, institutions, festivals, media. A project interweaving cultural, artistic, social and educational aspects. A professional training place.

Velvet Factory aims at beeing a meeting point between Europe and the Mediterranean, involving artists living in places overlooking this sea and observing with particular attention the other side of the Atlantic . From Velvet Factory’s sound and music they work especially on those forms of art which use time as if it was the main investigation and creation vehicle. The laboratorium develops parallelly in the physical and electronic space and it is exactly from electronics and digital that innovative works are created on the net. A Tran receiving station producing radio, streaming and collaborative projects linking the highest number of media and spaces in the world. Velvet Factory is a place for artists creating dance, music and theatre works. Through residences, guest artists can work on their projects using Factory’s technologies and linking this way the show to its possible multimedia developments. A meeting between contemporaneous arts and pop culture where the works realised can be shown to Velvet’s wide public (an average of 15.000 people monthly, 180.000 annually).


Velvet Factory means to be a service for the territory bearing in mind the many artists and creators transiting and living there. It is this way that artists from any discipline can realise labs opened to the public. Meetings, backstages, conversations and creation of materialswithin the Factory’s labs. A place working in tight collaboration with all kind of spaces, projects, events and people of the territory to create a permanent network of common works. A presence which does not add anything to what already exists, but which is working on what is missing, creating further chances through the creation of a dynamic and public archive. Analysing thriving experiences, it is a project investigating on the town and on its places operating a constant mapping to identify its resources and its energies. “Rimini West” as a cultural district.

The guest artists will be asked to produce some new works (audio and/or video) which could be downloaded for free from Velvet Factory’s websyte in order to be distributed, mixed and elaborated by anybody according to the Creative Commons licence. The website is just the informative page of the activities, but it becomes a true permanent lab on-line with international collaborations and a particular attention to the many “souths” of the world.


The collaboration with the University of Bologna – Rimini’s pole- allows the creation of a working group of students committed to Velvet Factory’s projects which can become a privileged place of presentation of the works realised by the University and a space for didactics. Meanwhile, students by any university will be able to do their training at Velvet Factory. Some works created by Velvet Factory will be published as cd audio and/or DVD in collaboration with the Label L’Arte dell’Ascolto.


On a overall surface of 2500 mq of structure and 20.000 mq external (including a parking for 800 cars), Velvet Factory is organized in the following spaces:

LAB : 150 mq – post-production audio-video labs, offices, guest rooms

VERTIGO: 250 mq – Coffe, restaurant, shops (books, cds and dvds), Internet point, audio-video direction, video projection on big format, sound system, conferences and workshops

DANS: 80 mq – Space equipped with a parquet for dance, theatre and other things

REM: 1200 mq – Main room of the Velvet, devoted to concerts medium/big, dance floor. Stage m 10×12, audio system 15.000 watts, lights (10 scanners, 11 mobile teste) 4 big format projection screens, 2 bars, smoker area outside

NOISE: 250 mq – Room with a stage for little concerts, dance floor, video projections and movies, dj set, audio system 8.000 watts

ELEKTRA: 50 mq – Space dj set and bar, audio system 4.000 watts

SHOPOP: 60 mq – Merchandising area, info point

LAGO: 4000 mq – Lake equipped for sport fishing

RADIO: Web radio with streaming 24/24

WEB: Electronic space for the distribution of each work realised by the Factory (video, audio etc.)



velvet_laboratorium – audio-video postproduction, labs, conversations, installations, site-specific projects, events, projections. Meeting place among artists, technicians, helders, producers, public

velvet_residenze – guest artists through creative residences

velvet_net – elettronic space where the projects (realised even thanks to streaming 24/7 and to collaborative projects) are created, widespread and distributed

velvet_materiali – cd, dvd, multiples, little papery editions.