This summer 2019 will be remembered for the great run to the competition entails the production of a work of art/expression that represents and gives shape to the interpretative territory defined: SWISS ORIGINAL – HANDMADE CREATIVE PROJECT.

We are proud to be partner of this rich and very innovative prize for artists, supporting Emmentaler Switzerland which has always been very keen and interested in engaging, supporting and promoting the world of art, talent and creativity for all.

Today we have the chance to talk with the Head Curator Massimo Randone, about the prize, its concept, its development and its possible future.

We like to remember that Emmentaler Switzerland has launched this new open creative competition for the collection, valorisation and exhibition of a broad selection of works and thematic artworks.

Deadline will be the next 5th of September for these selected artworks:

– Physical Objects: works, artworks and design artefacts (also hybrid: hardware/software), all with a significant component of manual craftsmanship and technique

– Digital Products: works that tell stories of manual skills, manual skill processes, and expressions and valorisations of forms of hand craftsmanship

The whole competition text here: