So, you’re launching your own business. Now, you face the challenge of getting your brand in front of as many people as people – turning heads and generating revenue for the start-up that you’ve put so much work into. You need a marketing plan which includes a digital focus, one which will help you compete and stand out from the ever-growing competition and not break the bank at the same time. There are so many marketing messages out there, how will yours be different? Here are some tips on what you should be thinking about.

Creating content

Content marketing is causing a buzz right now, with all sorts of companies and organizations recognizing its potential. You need to be creating materials which really sell your brand and its benefits – hitting the right note with your audience.

Creating content needs some skill and knowledge, as you shouldn’t just be pulling together an animation or video without thinking about its core goals. You may end up spending time and money on something which has very little impact.

If you don’t have the skills within your company, take someone on or call in some experts to help with a strategy. Creating content doesn’t have to be expensive, there are loads of sites and apps out there which can help you at a fraction of the costs of traditional production agencies. While we’re talking about keeping costs down, also look out for sites and apps which can help you with other aspects of your start-up, including a pay stub generator to help with the financial side of things.

Being social on a budget

If you’re looking to reach lots of people, without spending lots of cash, then social media can be your best friend. Setting up profiles across all the key platforms can get your brand out there, and get it talked about.

You should be consistent with your posts, with a common identity and in-line with your company’s identity. You’ll also want to be posting regularly, to maintain and build interest. What you post matters. You don’t just want to be filling your timelines with adverts about your services and over-promoting what you do. Experts will tell you that it doesn’t build loyal followers. Instead, the advice is that you should add content which interests your market, gets them talking about it and sharing. Among that, you can put some promotional content.

Social media is also a way to interact with your clients and potential clients, adding a personal touch. Don’t be afraid of any negative comments, as you should use these criticisms to demonstrate your commitment to putting things right.

Paying platforms

All the major digital players, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, offer paid-for opportunities. You should consider the options carefully, to ensure you are getting the most from your investment – that you are targeting the right people, with the right messages.

You can promote your Facebook posts to boost their profile, you can get sponsored Tweets, and you can buy into premium services from LinkedIn, which may help you to make important new contacts and generate new leads.