CTIA is an international association of firm interested in wireless technology. Every year, the association hosts the most important event in the world of tecnology: CTIA Wireless, this year set in Las Vegas .

The American Sin City was the ideal scenery for “Fashion in Motion”, the haute couture catwalk for portable and wearable technologies, that is one of the most important event of the Wireless, and not only because of the gorgeous models.

Samsung, Motorola, Nokia and Bang and Olufsen open with the last mobile, followed by Microvision and MicroOptical headset. But the best was yet to come, with designers and firms working on the strangest scenery, creating a fluid relations with body.


A multisensorial approach was recognizable in the ideas of Inclosia, that using a overmolding process, mix plastic with real wood, leather texture, offering ot the modern technologies aptic sensations. Jenny Tillotson (University of the Arts London) include a new wearable to her collection, Butterfly Perfume, a gold and ruby necklace with sensors, changing essence depending on the mood of who is wearing it.

Considering “Smart Clothes and Accessories”, the desire of communication has different declinations, Buddy (by Brusa Pasqué, Chon and Simonetti) is an interactive backpack, created for urban trekking, able to give a new perspective to the journey diary. A fish eye effect photograph automatically and send them to a blog., while there is a wireless connection. Hemera Electronic Handbag is a messenger bag, with a slim display interacting with mobile or pda.

A more interesting object is Synapse, created by David Salonen, a vertebral wireless object, to be worn around the neck and head, controlled by clicking the sensors placed at the ears. Wireless wearable telephone, creted by Jesus Felipe, has a wonderful design, close to a magic stick.


Organized in a very professional way, Fashion in Motion represent the prototype for future exposition that want to show creativity applied to clothes and wearable objects.