Pistori Palace, Bratislava
November 2020 – Deadline: 17 / 07 / 2020

La Condition Humain is an international exhibition, conference and workshop that deals with ongoing automatisation and changing of what it means today to be a human. Technological vulnerabilities now became evident, especially after Snowden’s reveal of NSA far reaching eye, China’s rapid development in surveillance technologies or Russian bot brigades. Technological cold war is not happening solely in the physical realm but it is waging in the human minds as well.

In the sphere of everyday life our dependence on technological infrastructure is approaching the point of no return. Robota – Center for Advanced Studies is becoming literally sucked in. The battle for our tastes, our Weltanschaung, our political affiliations are being fought at an everyday pace. While the dominance of Big 5 (Micro-soft, Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook) is still present, the battle for more accelerated technological development with AI, machine learning and blockchain is happening right now, with a special position of China, and it’s growth.

In all that race for global technological supremacy together with recent socio-political theories of post-anthropocene and accelerationism, the question is where is the human individual, together with his/her societal structures? Is human becoming obsolete? Or as some would say, a virus on earth? Does this latent anti-humanism create a rise in anti democratic and totalitarian notions that we are witnessing in recent years?

La Condition Humaine will present the works of international artists who are dealing with the art, society and technology. The project will also gather thinkers who critically reflect current human condition in the age of technological supremacy.

Robota invites artists, designers, practitioners, thinkers to send works to be included in the exhibition. Art works should tackle the exhibition theme and the medium is of free choice:

accelerationism / anti-anti-anti-leviatan// critical AI / regrowth / technological humanisation

Deadline for sending applications: July 7th 2020.

Application should include:

– Artist statement and description of the work / each 300 words max

– Technical details (medium, technology, operation…) / 200 words max

– Visual material (pictures, photos, sketches…)

– CV of max 2 pgs, link to website if applicable

Submission – text and pictures in one PDF up to 2 MB via e-mail opencall@robotacenter.org with subject: La Condition Humaine Open Call 2020. Videos and larger files as links to youtube/vimeo/wetransfer or similar. Selected artists will receive 200 euro artist fee.