Nesta Italia, supported by Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo and the European Commission, launches “City of the future” S+T+ARTS Open Call for Artists, Creative and Collectives. The aim of the Open Call is to enhance the collaboration among European artists, tech companies and research centres based in the Piedmont region, in developing innovative, sustainable and more human-centred applications of emerging technologies applied to the urban context.

The project is part of the STARTS consortium. STARTS – acronym for Science + Technology + Arts – is an initiative launched in 2015 by the European Commission (within the programme Horizon 2020) to promote the synergy of science, technology and the arts as catalysts for economic and social development.

Within this framework, with the support of the European Parliament, Nesta Italia contributes  to the development of Piedmont (Italy) as a STARTS regional hub, promoting experimentations and initiatives at the intersection of arts, science and technology.


How does it work?

The artist/collective submits an artistic concept, based on the brief (the challenge) launched by a tech or scientific partner (e.g. company, research centre).

An independent jury will select three winners, who receive a prize of 17,000 euros each for the artistic production, which will be carried out during a three-months period of residency (from February to May 2021), in collaboration with a cultural producer (art curators and independent cultural spaces based in Turin).

The outcomes will be exhibited during an international event to be held in Turin by the end of May 2021.

Who can apply?

The open call seeks artists, creatives and collectives from Italy and all over Europe, aged from 18 years and above,  who are already engaged or exploring the use of new technologies, their benefits and implications in contributing to a more sustainable and inclusive society.

All useful information and documentation for the application process can be found at this link.


For further information:

Open Call timeline and other initiatives

The deadline for applications is 30 November 2020. The submissions will be evaluated by an independent jury and the outcomes will be published on Nesta Italia’s website by January 2021.

During November 2020 Nesta Italia will promote the Open Call at a series of events and will organize two workshops, which aim to promote the core themes of the STARTS initiative and create occasions for dialogue between the cultural, scientific and tech sectors.


Tech Partners:


Nexa Center

Politecnico di Torino



ISI Foundation


Cultural Producers:





Cripta 747

Progetto Diogene