Il centro di eccellenza di Copenaghen per l’Interaction – Design Bergamo (Italia)
termine iniziale presentazione domande: 11/01/2024

The Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID) is excited to introduce a new studio in Astino (Bergamo), to host the 2024 Interaction Design Program. 

Why Astino?
The historical complex of Astino has been chosen as the Italian location in line with the purpose to approach design from a life-centred perspective. The name Astino indicates both the valley and the historical buildings. Situated in an agricultural oasis, defined as Biodiversity Valley, the former monastery is currently under renovation.

CIID is collaborating with Fondazione Mia (Congregazione della Misericordia Maggioreto) to create an open studio space for the Interaction Design Programme and our Pop-Up Schools, along with a digital fabrication lab and prototyping workshop. This will become a destination for those working at the forefront of design, technology, sustainability and regeneration.

The monastery has been open to the public since 2015 and has hosted numerous events, exhibitions and initiatives with many related to art, music and of course food, wine and nutrition. The reputation of Italian food is world-renowned and Bergamo is no exception.

The Interaction Design Program 2024 – Applications now open

The Interaction Design Programme (IDP) is a world-renowned and intensive educational experience that imparts the skills, mindset and knowledge to become a proficient interaction designer, through a life-centred approach we foster creativity, critical thinking and innovation. Imagine spending a year of your life in Italy with cross-disciplinary peers from all around the world. Taught by 40+ experts in design and technology, you will be completely immersed in a hands-on learning environment, working on projects that bridge urban life and the natural world. If you are interested in learning more about the IDP, sign up for an individual info session. The initial deadline for applications is January 11, 2024: 

CIID offers a vibrant and unique life experience that combines creativity, collaboration and learning. IDP participants come from diverse backgrounds which fosters a rich, cross-disciplinary and multi-cultural studio environment. The collaborative nature of projects encourages people to work together, pooling their expertise to tackle a broad range of challenges.

Life at CIID is characterised by project-based learning. This, combined with access to cutting-edge tools, enables people to bring their ideas to life, whether it’s designing installations, crafting physical prototypes, or coding interactive experiences. The dynamic learning environment simulates the rapidly evolving field of interaction design. Many people have won well-respected awards including Core 77, IXDA Awards, UX Awards, INDEX Design to Improve Life.

CIID hosts talks, exhibitions and events that expose participants to leading experts in the field and provide networking opportunities. They also encourage self-organised workshops for further skill-sharing outside of the planned curriculum. In the past there have been illustrator workshops, photography classes, yoga sessions and cooking demonstrations.

Beyond the educational aspect, CIID values personal growth and cultural enrichment. There will be ample opportunities to experience local culture, explore urban and rural environments, and be inspired by the rich heritage of art and food.

The tight-knit community of IDP participants, faculty, and alumni, ensures that people form lasting friendships and professional connections that extend far beyond their time at CIID.