STEAM Atelier, is an a.p.s. (social promotion association) founded in 2017 inLecce (Italy), which contributes to the development of the imaginary and ofcritical thinking of society which today is defined as complex, through actionsthat enhance the professional figure of the new media artist in the field ofeducational, social and technological innovation.

STEAM Atelier is pleased to share its first ebook, free and bilingual, distributed by publisher Noema:



The STEAM Atelier experience and the BEcoming Animals laboratory

The ebook, first of its kind in Italy, brings together STEAM theories and techniques, and it is made with the support of the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Equal OpportunitiesDepartment, as part of the STEM2020 call, and thanks to the winning project BEcoming Animals, realised in the Salento (Italy) open countryside, with a group of 12 kids. Contributions:

Art and contemporaneity. New perspectives, opportunities and methodologies of creation, education and knowledge (Pier Luigi Capucci, Accademia di Belle Arti di Reggio, Italy)

Learning for Creativity and Innovation in the Era of Social Distancing:the Experience Workshop International STEAM Network (KristófFenyvesi, Finnish Institute for Educational Research, dell’Università di Jyväskylä, Finlandia)

Thinking STEAM: as Art and Science as Ecosystem Performance (Giorgio Cipolletta, Università di Macerata, Italy)

BECOMING ANIMAL: Why it mattered in the past and why it matters today? (Jatun Risba, STEAM Atelier, Slovenia)

Which imaginary for Digital Natives? (Giada Totaro, STEAM Atelier, Italy) FinalreflectionscuratedbyRobertaSozzo(ASDCCREA,NovolidiLecce,Italy)

Project made by participants and tutorials curated by Giada Totaro, Jatun Risba, Silvia Cappello:

Physical Lab/Dance of Life; Bio Kit for a Geodesic Dome; ELectronic Incubator IOT for hens NOEMI; Social distancing wearable.

To download the ebook: – Giada Totaro+39.3276628884