Isla Coffee Berlin - Berlin
06 / 06 / 2021 - 07 / 07 / 2021

Bringing some brightness to the public space of Hermannstraße, synthesis and Sky Fine Foods present a collection of video works by Sandrine Deumier, Alex McLeod, Dagmar Schürrer and Diana Lynn VanderMeulen.

Conceived during the harsh months of lockdown and curfew in Berlin, Windows that whisper is our response to a public longing for art in every day’s environments. Bridging physical public spaces together with the intricacies of the digital worlds, Windows that whisper will shine out from the majestic windows at Neukölln’s finest Isla Coffee Berlin.

Giving shape and form to the amorphous space of the digital, the video works presented reflect on reversible identities and artificial behaviors, perception, and magical realisms, creating new paradigms of exchange between prose and object, self and its digital.


June 6-13: Dagmar Schürrer, we are already history, and we don´t know it, 2021

June 14-21: Alex McLeod, Golden Prism, 2021

June 22-29: Sandrine Deumier, Pink Party, 2017

June 30-July 7: Diana Lynn VanderMeulen, Liquid Mirror, 2020

Endless gratitude to the team at Isla for being supportive towards the struggle the art community has faced during the pandemic.

SANDRINE DEUMIER (b. 1978, FRA, is an artist with focus on video art, digital poetry, multimedia installation and performance. Deumier explores the intersection between video and sound poetry, focusing on the issues related to technological change and the performative place of poetry, conceived through new technologies.

ALEX McLEOD (b. 1984, CAN, is a visual artist based in Toronto whocreates work about interconnection, life cycles, and empathy through the computer. Prints, animations, and sculptures are produced as gateways into alternative dimensions.

DAGMAR SCHÜRRER (b. 1984, AUT, is an artist working with the moving image. Her videos reflect on the surface of digital imagery and their patterns and repetitions, on late capitalist paranoia and projected utopian futures and our relationship to technological development within the digital and the analogue.

DIANA LYNN VANDERMEULEN (b. 1984, CAN, is a Toronto based artist investigating the natural world through the selective vision of magic realism. Mixing techniques and new media technologies she works to Expand lifespan and audience of durational artworks, creating ethereal landscapes to challenge perceptions of reality.