We live in a digital era. You’ve probably read and heard this sentence, or similar ones, hundreds of times. It is true, we do live in a digital era and the use of technology and technological appliances in our everyday lives has been growing continuously in the past decades, especially in the last several years.

To put it simply, we now do a lot of things online. We send letters online, via our computers or mobile devices, we order our food online, we shop online, we study online and we play casino games online. We still have shops, libraries and casinos, but a lot of us choose to ‘visit’ online shops, libraries and casinos instead of physical ones. I myself do a lot of my reading, shopping and casino gaming online. I particularly enjoy playing casino games at Maple Casino and Go Wild Casino. If online casino gaming sounds appealing to you as well, you may want to learn more about Go Wild Casino.

A World of Opportunities

The fact that our modern lives are so reliant on the internet should surprise anyone as the online world is as broad and versatile as the real world, if not more. Physically you can contact with only a limited amount of people, but online you literally have an opportunity to engage in communication with millions, if not billions of other people. You may only have few board games and an old chess set at home and none of roommates is free or wants to play with you, but online you can play anything you want with whoever you want. And suddenly it seems a lot easier to understand why social gaming has been such a huge success. Not to mention that fact that it can be really beneficial and help real-world causes through charity.


One of the Fastest Growing Industries

It is very interesting to see the figures and the data from the last few years. This is also a true indicative of the magnitude of social gaming’s growth. One serious study conducted at the end of 2012 showed that the social gaming market was worth an estimated US$5.4 that year. It predicted a rapid growth of the industry, expecting the market to reach a staggering $17.4 billion by, or more than thrice in 7 years. In 2012 most people played social games via social media and people between 19 and 25 accounted for the largest segment of the market. In terms of gender, the results were pretty much evenly matched with females being a bit more active.

Mobile Social Gaming

The predictions were quite correct and the online gaming market kept growing further. This growth was further amplified by one crucial aspect of social gaming, i.e. it is one particular type of social gaming – mobile social gaming. It wasn’t that long when mobile phones were used solely for making calls and sending emails. But nowadays we can hardly imagine using a phone which isn’t ‘smart’. The benefits of mobile social gaming are quite obvious. You can do it wherever you are, whenever you can, home while relaxing in a filled tub, or during a long commute.

It is interesting to note that the growth when it comes to social gaming on desktop-based platforms was smaller than 1%, whereas the mobile growth was almost 16%. And an even further growth is expected this year. One research even showed that 55% of the social casino gaming market will be attributed to mobile devices in the near future.

Concluding Remark

While social media games clearly dominated the market and more than a quarter of all social gaming can be attributed to gaming traffic created via Facebook, whereas another quarter or so is via other social networks, it can be expected that in the near future a lot more traffic would be coming from what is now labelled ‘Rest of the Market’.