From this week on, Digicult will host VR/AR: State of the Art, a research repository curated by Eleonora Stacchiotti. In partnership with the University of Utrecht, this project is part of Eleonora’s research internship at Digicult.

The project wants to investigate the current uses and perception of Augmented and Virtual Reality in the art world. Even if this is not the first time in history that we observe the rise of AR/VR, in the past few years we witnessed a new surge of interest in immersive technologies. This research opens a conversation with the aim of letting a broader number of people know about the emergence of these innovative technologies and their potentialities.

Originally ideated as a ‘thinking box’ that keeps track and collects Eleonora’s work for her final research project, this repository has the ambition to bring academic knowledge to readers of any kind. The exploration of artistic and educational potentialities of AR/VR is shared here in a readable, comprehensible way. To do so, the website provides its users with a collection of entries organized into three different sections. The first one is the Toolset, a collection of short essays introducing readers to concepts, theories, and ideas which are consistently used to talk about these specific devices. The second section is dedicated to interviews with artists, curators, academic researchers and museumgoers. Questions will be focused on the same aspects of the discussion, so that it will be possible for readers and researchers to compare different perceptions. The third section, Case Studies, will host a collection of longer articles where artworks will be described, analysed, and explained. This section will be rich in multimedia materials, to allow a fresher experience of the artworks.

Since the body of the work is growing along with the author’s research progress, in the next months this section will boost and possibly give birth to other follow-up projects.

For the moment, if you want to give a look and keep posted on its progress, click on .

In case you are interested in taking part to the project by telling what your perceptions of Augmented and Virtual Reality is, send an email to .

Credits for the picture: Swan Collective, Animalia Sum as presented in Berlin, 2019.