The dialogue, the meeting and sometimes the synergy of languages and means of expression characterized the proposals presented in Turin by ALMARE, the artistic collective formed by Amos Cappuccio, Giulia Mengozzi, Luca Morino and Gab Rendina Cattani, who – sound as a “guide” and privileged inspiration – organizes exhibitions, concerts, meetings and performances, developing interdisciplinary projects, and stimulating collaborations between different entities and institutions.

EXPOP in der Dampfzentrale.
(Yoshiko Kusano)

And the sounds of the past are the “motivation” from which “Life Chronicles of Dorothea Ïesj S.P.U.” starts, a project which is presented in film and audio-story form, with the care of Radio Papesse – web radio and archive of contemporary art – and the collaboration of the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation and the Turin Cinema Museum, and which will land in the collection of Museion – Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Bolzano, as well as being published as a podcast, ready to travel the world: after the stops in Berlin, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Bolzano and Turin, to welcome him will be Venice, Helmsdale and Rome.

Proteiform in intentions, in its version of a film story – essentially devoid of images, except with the lure of a carpet of stars, and in the form of an audio diary – it follows the events of the protagonist researcher Dorothea Ïesj, grappling with the hunt for sounds inscribed in the material world, now exchange goods. As in retrofuturism the future contains the past, the sounds here adhere to the objects, and stratify, leaving traces of themselves, to be canceled only by an excessive pile-up of “following” signals.

If the sounds in space disappear and no longer manifest themselves (that is, they hide in disguise), here we imagine instead that, in our physical world, they not only characterize it, but also mark it indelibly, and can be extracted and reread from it, to be offered in a hidden and dangerous market. The fantastic hypothesis – science fiction, in fact – sees archaeoacoustics, far from representing merely a scientific tool for in-depth analysis and investigation, as a discipline and speculative activity.

Explity Music_Karfroye

An idea that can refer to data mining with specific objectives, and in general to the acquisition, exploration and processing of data: one of the greatest contemporary sources of wealth, and one of the greatest sources of destabilization of principles – among them the privacy – on which liberal democracies are based.

The users and customers of these “extracts” – whose dubious plausibility recalls the risk and uncertainties of social media and virtual worlds – are people in search of their past, or consolations to live their present better, or inquirers themselves, looking for confirmation or thrills of life.

With the consequence that a galaxy of highly topical themes orbits around this representation – full of literary, essayistic and musical references -: the intangibility of many values, susceptible to economic consideration and extraneous to the relationships that regulated social life until recently, the paroxysmal commodification of every human element, the importance of knowledge, awareness and responsibility, the inestimable value of memory.

Anyone who tries the experience of “Life Chronicles…” will find themselves faced with an “unusual object”, with the unprecedented possibility of choosing what to make prevail in its enjoyment: reading the story, encouraged by the soundtracks, or closing their eyes, and follow the flow of the words, and “build” the images of the narrative.

LIFE CHRONICLES Finissage_HOPE_23_02_24_©RosarioMultari-WEB-1

The screening of the film at the Cinema Massimo in Turin was preceded by a seminar – at the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation – entirely aimed at investigating the relationship between narration and sound, and the forms of storytelling that are based precisely on the sound medium.

The evening dedicated to Sarahsson and the Explity Music collective, organized by ALMARE – here in collaboration with PAYNOMINDTOUS – (present in the program of The Listeners, a network composed of ALMARE itself, Metamorfosi Notturne and Cripta747, entities attentive to artistic, performative and musical activities, and exchange between artistic disciplines), was held at Off Topic, in Turin.

Sarahsson©Ivan Bléhaut

Sarahsson is a performer, musician and composer who explores extremes and expressive “opposites”, both musical and visual: bristly noise episodes and obsessive tempos interpolate dreamy and extended sound parentheses, both by reason of an evocative and personal vocality and by echoes classicizing, they form a peculiar universe, certainly endowed with pathos. The visual and performative part involves the use of visual and bodily expression, the body as the primary means. A performance, hers, which played on extremes: the sonic maximalism of the most intense episodes (among these the rough piece where she plays the “Daxophone”, a self-built string instrument), combined with the interaction with her original samples, refined and distilled by herself.


Sarahsson’s artistic research aspires to a complex synesthesia, which leaves no one indifferent, where even the transmutative element – both personal and musical – plays an important role, and where different elements collide, in a possible, courageous and unique synthesis.

The second part of the evening hosted the artists of Explity music, a French label founded among others by Talita Otović, Karlfroye and KimberlaID, artists who performed at Off Topic. Their stylistic signature includes a complex and composite musical panorama, with various influences (also demonstrated by the tracks of their first compilation, “The World Blurs”) populated by icy sounds, predominantly tight rhythms, but also dreamy atmospheres, on carpets of sound almost exclusively synthetic, playing between breakbeat, hardcore, drum’n’bass, techno…

Explity Music_KimberlaID@Ariane Kiks also hosts an interesting work, a story in the form of a video game (“Musicomancia – Remaining Soundscapes), where the player’s participation and choices guide the developments. The premise of the story assumes that, after years of scientific research, we reach the point of discovering that music can be a source of energy. But like the sources we are dealing with now, this source also turns out to be fragile and needs to be treated with care, so that it is not dispersed and completely consumed…



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