15 - 17 DECEMBER 2005

The 8th Generative Art conference is organized from the Generative Design Lab, Dipartment of Architecture and planning, directed by Prof. Celestino Soddu, pioneer of generative art and architecture in Italy. The confrence will take place in Milan at Politecnico University and will join conferences, lectures, workshop and also night perfomances. Art – Music – Architecture – Industrial Design – Web Art – Poetry – Visual Grammar – Design Approach – Teaching Theory – Mathematics – Virtual Environment – Literature – Artificial Life – Artificial Intelligence – Cellular Automata – Performances – Artificial Behaviors – Communication – Generative Robots – Mechatronic – Nanotechnology

Generative Art is the idea realized as genetic code of artificial objects. The generative project is a concept-software that works producing three-dimensional unique and non-repeatable events as possible and manifold expressions of the generating idea identified by the designer as a visionary world.

This Idea / human creative act renders explicit and realizes an unpredictable, amazing and endless expansion of human creativity. Computers are simply the tools for its storage in memory and execution. This approach opens a new era in design and industrial production: the challenge of a new naturalness of the industrial object as a mirror of Nature. Once more man emulates Nature, as in the act of making Art.

This approach suddenly opened the possibility to rediscover possible fields of human creativity that would be unthinkable without computer tools. If these tools, at the beginning of the computer era, seemed to extinguish the human creativity, today, with generative tools, directly operate on codes of Harmony. They become tools that open new fields and enhance our understanding of creativity as an indissoluble synthesis between art and science.

After two hundred years of the old industrial era of necessarily cloned objects, the one-of-a-kind object becomes an essential answer to emergent aestethical needs.

On the website, it’s possible to check all the events and conference, the list of the artists invited and so on. Very particolar attention, from this edition of GA 2005, is given to the night performance, completly free, of generative music and art. This are the artists involved in the performances

16 DECEMBER 2005 – 20.30
PERFORMANCES (aula Rogers and exhibition hall “Guido Nardi”)

Josette Martial, Celestino Soddu, Enrica Colabella
Generative Design Lab. DIAP, Politecnico di Milano University, Italy
Out of hours

Martin Franklin, Lee Adams
Bindu Point

Semy Ryu, S. Faralli, C. Scozzafava
University of Roma “La Sapienza”

David Psenicka
University of Illinois
Composing Music Based on Interaction with Self-Similar, Symbolic Tree Structures

Luca Tanzini
Universita’ di Siena

17 DECEMBER 2005 – 20.30
PERFORMANCES (aula Rogers and exhibition hall “Guido Nardi”)

Davide Morelli

Roc Jimenez de Cisneros Baneg
Evol, Punani Series Live

Lello Masucci
Atelier Multimediale

Andre’ Rangel
3kta, Custom Software and Intermedia Systems

Melanitis Yiannis
performance artist