The Kunstverein Medienturm, in cooperation with the Quartier21, invite from 2004 two artists per year to stay for some months in Vienna and Graz. In the course of their residence, the artists generate a video and take part at an exhibition. Herwig Weiser, Axel Roch, Vuk Cosic´, Bas van Koolvijk, Derek Holzer, Andres Ramirez Gaviria and Jan Robert Leegte were already invited.

Around six exhibitions, a screening serie and one symposium are presented per year. In the field where media art and fine art experience cross over moments, material- and context references of “new media” face “old media” in a productive way. This interdisciplinary approach is basis for a preferred development of cross-medial projects, which advance current questions in the field of art production and theoretical reflection.

The upcoming exhibition FURTHER PROCESSING presents ten central positions in generative software art, which are created by means of the programming language “Processing” (Open Source). This “author-based program” makes possible the generation of interactive applications and is the basis for the audio-visual installations, animations and videos that are presented in the exhibition

The Norwegian media artist and curator Marius Watz is this year’s second “artist-in-residence” of Vienna-based quarter21 in cooperation with the Graz-based Kunstverein Medienturm. Watz is a well-known representative in the field of “generative art”, whose new video KUGELSTUDIE (“SPHERE STUDY”) will be on show only on Sundays at MQ´s Ovalhall .

The piece is a formal study of a spherical space and was created for the series Medienturm SHOWS.